Lauren Anderson hopes to grow taller for volleyball

Published 9:32 pm Thursday, December 20, 2018

Seventh grader Lauren Anderson has been playing volleyball for only two years and has been the only sport she plays.

“We were in my friend’s yard and she asked if I wanted to pass the volleyball,” she said. “I agreed to play with her and I really liked it. It made me go out and get my own volleyball and I really liked it. It made me want to try out for the team.”

Anderson said the social aspect of the sport has kept her playing the last two years.

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“It lets me get to be with my friends,” she said. “It it a fun all-around sport and it can get exciting at some points.”

Anderson wants to work on her serve and hopes to grow more so she can play closer to the net.

“I want to eventually play on the front row, but I am too short for that,” she said. “I want to keep working on my serve until I feel fully confident in it.”

Anderson feels confident in her digging and passing abilities on the court.

Anderson said her motivation comes from her dad.

“He is always at every game,” she said. “He goes to every game and takes me to every game. He always cheers me on and we always practice together out in the yard.”

Anderson wants to continue playing volleyball when she gets to the high school level, but is still relying on mother nature to make her taller.

“I have to get my serve down so I can get it over every time if I want to play in high school,” she said. “All I want to do is grow taller. It will help me so much.”