Property transfers for Dec. 22, 2018

Published 9:05 am Monday, December 24, 2018

The following property transfers were recorded in the Clark County Clerk’s office Dec. 10-15, 2018.

— Lisa J. Conkwright, Gregory Conkwright and Maylene Conkwright to Debra J. Fister, 126 Summerhill Way, $120,000.

— Kevin Daw to Phillips Incorporated, 36 Fitch Ave., $65,000.

— Charles Marcum to Kristy Marcum, 203 Dubuy Drive.

— Cynthia Gail Jones, Jack W. Jones, Phyllis Osborne and Virgie Phyllis Osborne to Anthony G. Marano and Kattie Marano, 109 Churchill Drive, $158,000.

— Carson Hansel and Betty Hansel to Andrea Terry and Roy Ray Terry Jr., 21 Goldie Ave., quit claim.

— Carson Hansel and Betty Hansel to Andrea Terry and Whittney Stanfield, 360 Wades Mill Road, quit claim.

— Brandon Morguson to Runner LLC, 570 Constitution Drive, $29,000.

— Holly Rentals to Kimberly Shawn Mathias, 121 Heather Lane, $109,500.

— Alexandria L. Fitchpatrick, Alexandria L. Sudweeks and Michael Cody Fitchpatrick to Ethan B. Eaves and Kelley M. Dean, 109 Sturbridge Lane, $145,000.

— Good Things To Come LLC to Melissa A. MacDonald, 327 Colby Ridge Blvd., $106,000.

— Winfirst Bank and Winchester Federal Bank to Leonard Shields and Jennifer Shields, 141 Summerhill Way, $132,000.

— Clara Tipton, Clara H. Osborne and Julian Tipton to Shannon Stone, 348 Oxford Drive, $17,000.

— Randy L. Rison and Nova Rison to Dante D. Gay and Carol A. Moberly, 112 Dorset Lane and 1550 Boonesboro Road, $225,000.

— James David Smith as executor and Sandra S. Smith to Elizabeth Diana Newsome, 408 Tremont Lane, terms of will.

— Betsy Farris Fink and Endre Fink to Nancy Farris Wills and Ricky Joe Wills, 1590 and 1620 Boonesboro Road, $340,800.

— Nancy Farris Wills and Ricky Joe Wills to Betsy Farris Fink and Endre Fink, 1760 Old Boonesboro Road, $1,602,000.

— Betsy Farris Fink and Endre Fink to Double F Stock Farm, 1760 Old Boonesboro Road, transfer.

— Susan Boone Franklin as executrix and Florence K. Boone to Levi Daniel Boone IV, 635 Pilot Ridge Lane, terms of will.

— Susan Boone Franklin as executrix and Florence K. Boone to Susan Boone Franklin, 2649 Old Boonesboro Road, terms of will.

— Matthew Stephen Howell and Tina N. Howell to Jean Lukinga and Anita Uwera, 709 Crockett Court, $196,000.

— Jeff Mosher and Robin Mosher to Hunter C. Mosher and Cameron A. Jackson, 27 Ashland Ave., $79,500.

— Michael L. Smith to Bonnie Opal Smith, 323 Primrose Lane, $185,000.

— Michael L. Smith to Bonnie Opal Smith, 141 Bay Hill Drive, $85,000.

— Hanna Construction Co. to Alicia Pauline Knox, 218 Dubuy Drive, $152,500.

— Carolyn A. Bland and Carolyn A. Humphrey to Gleason F. Humphrey, 145 Mahan Drive.

— Darrin Mason to Buy Lexington Houses LLC, 352 W. Washington St., $70,000.

— Jason E. Bruden and Rita M. Burden to Arleen S. Graham and Kevin G. Flynn, 105 Hibiscus Lane, $198,500.

— Adrian L. Thomas to Pamela J. Roundtree, 350 Hidden Grove Lane, quit claim.

— Russell A. Hopper and Kristina W. Hopper to Wanda Flinchum, 225 Mutual Ave., quit claim.

— TMEA Inc. to Westside Property Investments, 42 properties on Westside Drive, $2,248,000.

— Christy A. Turner to Christy Ann Turner as trustee of Christy Ann Turner living trust, 213 Hibiscus Lane, trust.

— Pamela J. Roundtree to Adrian L. Thomas, 678 Bailey Lane, quit claim.

— Tommy J. Wills and Mary Jo Wills to Dustin Joe Wills, 215 Robyn Drive, $134,500.

— Ditech Financial, Brian Alcorn and Virginia S. Alcorn to Fannie Mae and Federal National Mortgage Association, 273 Ecton Road, master commissioner sale.