Nitavius Thomas had to adjust to basketball season

Published 7:37 pm Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Nitavius Thomas is a George Rogers Clark senior and has been playing basketball since fourth grade.

Thomas also played football and picked up both sports around the same time.

Thomas said his family was the main reason he started playing sports.

“I started playing because of my cousins,” he said. “They are the reason why I have aways played.”

Thomas was the Class 6A leading rusher this past season.

He said each season he has had to adjust how he trains to prepare for basketball and football.

“Plays usually last around seven seconds in football,” he said. “It is more of quick-burst plays. Basketball is more endurance.”

Thomas admits football has always been harder to prepare for.

“My endurance has been good,” he said. “Doing a quick burst over and over catches up to you eventually and gets you winded.”

Thomas knows his advantages when it comes to basketball.

“I am a good driver at getting to the rim,” he said. “I can be a big body and beat and bang around the post.”

Thomas said he wants to work more on his offensive skills.

“My shooting and dribbling could both be improved on,” he said.

Thomas’ motivation on the court, football field and classroom has came from his family.

“My mom and my grandpa have been my biggest supporters,” he said. “They have helped me through a lot of stuff. They are who I play sports for.”

Thomas wore no. 21 in football and wears no. 30 in basketball.

Both were his choice.

“I chose 21 because it is a great running back number,” he said. “You see a lot of great running backs rep the no. 21. I want to be great, too. I picked 30 because I feel like Steph Curry.”

Thomas said not being so uptight and setting the mood helped calm his nerves and get him focused for football and basketball.

“I liked to get focused, but keep the mood light at the same time,” he said. “I like to joke around every once in a while. The same goes for basketball.”