Branson Webb eager to achieve goals set for himself

Published 6:46 pm Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Junior Branson Webb said he has been playing basketball since he was five or six year old.

Webb played baseball because his dad influenced him, but quit before high school.

“I loved basketball more,” he said. “It has always been more entertaining and I have enjoyed playing it a lot more. For some reason, I have always looked forward to when basketball season starts back up again. Looking back on it, it feels like I didn’t care about when baseball ended or when it started.”

Webb said his confidence has helped him improve on his game.

“I have gotten way better whenever I started to take it serious,” he said. “I have came a long way even though I still need to work on a lot more. If you tell yourself you can do something then you can do it and I have always tried to keep that mentality.”

Webb wants to keep working and knows the potential he has.

“I need to work on everything,” he said. “Everything can always use work. Even if you feel confident in a certain aspect, it can always get better. You have to be hungry for success if you want to see results. That is what I am going to keep doing.”

Webb said his motivation to do well on and off the court is his father and coaches.

“My dad has been there for me when nobody else wasn’t,” he said. “My coaches are the reason I still play. They believe in me regardless of what is going on. I don’t want to let people down who have faith in me.”

Webb wears no. 21 because it is the number that always stood out to him the most.

“There is not really a crazy story to it,” he said. “It has always caught my eye so I went with it. It was available and I picked it and kept it ever since.”

Webb said he surrounds himself around people who help him get focused on game days so he has no distractions.

“I talk to people who I think will help me get focused,” he said. “I am always wanting to learn new things about the game and get better.”