Clark County property transfers for Jan. 5, 2019

Published 9:33 am Monday, January 7, 2019

The following property transfers were recorded in the Clark County Clerk’s office Dec. 19-29, 2018.

— Jennifer E. Goebel and Basf Jennifer Goebel to Jon M. Goebel and Jon Michael Goebel, 2759 Pine Grove Road, dissolution of marriage.

— Brenda W. Parido, Gary Witt and Edna Witt estate to Gary Witt, 3867 and 4013 Paris Road.

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— Brenda W. Parido, Gary Witt and Edna Witt Estate to Edna Witt testamentary trust, Brenda W. Parido as trustee, William Zachary Witt and Edna Witt estate, 4343 Paris Road.

— Neely and Wade Insurance Agency to Neely Properties, 31 W. Hickman St.

— WHPH Inc. to Russell Hutchens, 340 Colby Ridge Blvd., $105,000.

— David M. Haggard Sr. as executor to Sallie Haggard, 110 Cole Road, $118,000.

— Secretary for Housing and Urban Development and Sage Acquisitions to ran Gar Investments, 252 Boone Ave., $160,000.

— Jonathan Hayes and Janet M. Hayes to Anthony Parrish, 718 Estes Drive, $80,000.

— Peoples Exchange Bank to H&S Holdings Inc., 23 and 29 Canary Lane, $280,000.

— GLF Partners to Pharm Team LLC, 62 S. Main St.

— GLF Partners to David C. Abner and Davida S. Abner, 68 S. Main St.

— Jennifer L. Isaacs and Timmy W. Isaacs to Grant Sparks, 180 Clare Drive, $10,000.

— Matthew Ginter and Emily Ginter to Sarah A. Turner and John Turner, 4050 McClure Road, $565,000.

— Kathleen P. Ellingsen to Kathleen P. Ellingsen and Norman H. Ellingsen, 601 Munchs Corner Road, love and affection.

— Central Bank and Trust and Anna M. Dixon to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., 131 Holly Ave., master commissioner sale.

— Mark Hudack to Timothy S. Keller and Kaitlyn E. Keller, 843 Ford Hampton Road, $264,000.

— James R. Copher to Stephanie L. Copher, 36 Garner St., quitclaim.

— Daniel B. Stamps and Jessica Stamps to Martin L. Hatler and Sandra C. Hatler, Wades Mill Road, $72,500.

— Alta Reo LLC and Green River Capital LLC to Terry Hobert Skipworth and Elizabeth Ann Skipworth, 61 Hiawatha Trail, $111,148.

— BB&T, Brian L. Haddix and Kendall V. Haddix to BB&T, 108 E. Hickman St., master commissioner sale.

— Garry Milton Real Estate to Lester Elam and Cheryl Elam, 35 Skylark Drive, $247,500.

— Winfirst Bank to Howard R. Frick, 73 and 75 Holiday Road, $65,000.

— James Kevin Littrell and Catherine J. Littrell to Michael L. Smith, 430 and 432 Colby Ridge Blvd., $167,000.

— Thomas Benjamin Saunders Jr. and Jaime R. Saunders to Joseph P. Moss, Joseph Moss and Amanda Moss, 575, 619 and 667 Cunningham Lane, $189,500.

— Aaron Micah Greer and Sara Ellen Greer to Stephanie R. Carr and Patrick J. Carr, 317 Fern Court, $148,000.

— Daniel Brothers and Lynda Brothers to Chase Tyler Sparks and Danielle Nichole Berryman, 259 Cross Brook Court, $173,400.

— JTS Construction to Daniel R. Jones, 206 Alene Court, $19,500.

— Donald J. Poe and Judith L. Poe to Kimberly A. Veren and Timothy Alan Veren, 7 Redwing Drive, $250,000.

— Beulah Kay Boggs to Ricky Lee Ballard and Nina Sue Ballard, 4495 Boonesboro Road, $207,000.

— Deloria Lamm to Jeremy R. Banks, 17 Lisle Lane, $88,000.

— Antoinette Czajkowski to Jared Rhodus and Lindsey Rhodus, 316 Fern Court, $139,000.

— Millard Kenneth Dryden to Donald W. Pace Jr., 111 Park Ave., $30,000.

— Julian Harris to Donald W. Pace Jr. and Sheyenne Pace, 6 Wainscott Ave., $25,000.

— Gayle Shimfessel and Teresa Shimfessel to Bradley Allen Shimfessel and Melissa Ann Shimfessel, 1105 Big Stoner Road, $160,000.

— Mary F. Kline and Mary Newt Fox Kline to Mary F. Kline, 10 Bel Air Drive, quitclaim.

— Jan Morgan Kelley Calvert, Jeffrey Todd Calvert, Billy Anne Kelly Gross and Michael Andrew Gross to Timothy Hamlin and Nancy Hamlin, 3643 McClure Road, $1,100,000.

— HPW Properties to Nicholas Napier and Kristina Napier, 29 Oliver St., $57,000.

— Thomas Christopher Thornbury and Lara Early Thornbury to Gencanna Global USA Inc., 16 W. Lexington Ave., $415,000.

— Florence M. Witte to Thomas C. Thornbury and Lara E. Thornbury, 118 Teal Lane, $335,000.

— William Henry Castle and Sharon Jo Castle to Sarah E. Wolford and Hunter K. Wolford, 201 Bracken Court, $148,000.

— Larry Potter and Rebecca Murphy Potter to Brian R. Gasdorf and Christie K. Gasdorf, 5925 Old Boonesboro Road, $147,500.

— Ronald E. Handziak, Edward Handziak family irrevocable living trust, Maxine Handziak family irrevocable trust, Donald Ray Walters and Donna Lynn Walters to Edward J. Jandziak and Maxine H. Handziak, 16 Churchill Drive, $120,000.