Kareem Guerrant gets his fire to play from NBA star

Published 10:12 pm Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Campbell Jr. High eighth grader Kareem Guerrant has only been playing basketball for two years we he begin in sixth grade.

Guerrant plays running back in football and plans to continue playing when he gets into high school.

Guerrant said he couldn’t imagine what his life would be like without sports.

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“I have always liked meeting new people,” he said. “I am always wanting to get better.”

Guerrant wants to get in better in the same aspects for both sports.

“For football, I need to get faster and stronger,” he said. “For basketball…. I also need to get faster and stronger.”

Guerrant is confident in his abilities in his dominant hand in basketball and said running the ball in football is his strength.

Guerrant said he feeds energy off NBA player and Oklahoma City Thunder point guard Russell Westbrook.

“My dad is also my motivator because he has helped me since I was younger,” he said. “Russell Westbrook has power and he goes hard every time he goes on the court.”

If Guerrant was forced to choose only one sport, he admits he would choose football.

“It helps me get my anger out better,” he said. “I love to run people over in football. You can get physical in basketball but not it is not as physical as football.”

Guerrant wears no. 48 in football and no. 34 in basketball.

“I picked 33 in football, but they made me change it to 48. I picked 34 in basketball because of Charles Barkley.”