Coleman Collins still motivated by late grandparents

Coleman Collins has been playing most since he was five years old.

Collins played soccer until he realized he had more motivation for football and basketball.

“I wanted to quit to focus on what I have a passion for,” he said. “I didn’t enjoy soccer like how I enjoy basketball and football. When I played soccer, it took away some of my love for football and basketball because I forgot what it felt like to play. Things have gotten better since I decided to stick with football and basketball.”

Collins said he plays both sports because he has grown up around them.

“I just love them,” he said. “I grew up watching them and have always been them. They are just something I love. It is a part of my life.”

Collins said his strength in football would be his defense abilities and in basketball his offensive skills.

Collins’ motivation comes from his late grandparents.

“Both have passed away,” he said. “They’ve still found a way to motivate me. I wish they could see me now, but I know they are watching over. They are a big reason why I still play sports.”

Collins’ number of choice is also dedicated to his grandparents,”

“I wanted no. 35,” he said. “That was the number he chose before he passed away.”