Tanner Moore wears no. 7 to honor his dad

Tanner Moore has been playing basketball since he was six.

Moore also plays baseball and quit football a few years ago.

“I didn’t want to play three sports because it was overwhelming,” he said. “I just wanted to stick with the two sports I enjoyed the most.”

Moore is a pitcher and outfielder in baseball.

Moore admits he would choose basketball if he could only play one sport.

“I enjoy it more,” he said. “Everything about it is more fun. It’s more fast-paced and requires more attention.”

Moore said his strength in baseball is being a southpaw. In basketball, he said his strength is how athletic he is.

“I am left-handed so that gives me an advantage within itself,” he said. “I am quick and athletic in basketball. I can find different ways to help my team.”

Moore wants to continue improving on his shooting skills and gain more strength for baseball.

Moore said his grandmother influences him to be the best person and athlete he can be.

“She has just been a big inspiration to me,” he said. “She has always been there for me and is the best person I know.”

Moore prefers to wear no. 7 in baseball and no. 23 in basketball.

“Seven was dad’s number,” he said. “I picked 23 because I just like the number. There isn’t a better reason behind it.”