Carter Maynard plays sports for Christ

Published 8:19 pm Thursday, January 24, 2019

Seventh grader Carter Maynard is a Robert D. Campbell Jr. High basketball player who has been playing since he was five years old.

He also still plays football and baseball alongside basketball.

“It’s not that hard to balance them because they are all in different seasons,” he said. “Each sport helps me in conditioning, but it also kind of hurts me. I’ll be in football shape and then I have to go to baseball where we run more.”

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Maynard said football is the easiest sport to get in shape for and basketball being the hardest.

Maynard said he’s got a diverse skill set for each sport.

“I am a defensive back on football so I can read where the quarterback is going to throw it. In baseball, it is kind of the same thing because I’m a centerfielder so I can read where the ball goes. In basketball, I’m good at stealing the ball. So basically I am solid on defense for all the sports.”

Maynard said his motivation is his dad.

“My dad showed me all the sports,” he said. “He taught me how to play them all and we’ve done a lot together. He’s a big reason why I play sports.”

He wears no. 3 in baseball, no. 3 in basketball and no. 5 in football.

“Three is my favorite number,” he said. “They just gave me no. 5 in football.”

Maynard looks up to NBA player Steph Curry.

“He is a good basketball player,” he said. “He doesn’t let his fans or negativity get to him. He also loves God.”