Sam Steele enjoys the diversity of golf and basketball

Robert D. Campbell seventh grader Sam Steele has been playing basketball since he was six.

Steele also plays golf and said a professional golfer motivated him to give it a try.

“Golf is just relaxing,” he said. “Basketball is just fun to me. I can’t really explain it. Jordan Spieth motivated me to play golf. I really look up to him. Steph Curry is my inspiration for basketball.”

Steele said he’s confident in all of his offensive skills in basketball.

“I can drive to the basketball pretty good,” he said. “I’m confident in my shooting abilities, too.”

Steele is also confident in his driving abilities on the golf course.

“In golf, the best part of my game is driving the ball,” he said. “Putting also comes to easy to me and it always have. I can always get better but I always feel confident in it when I have to do it.”

Steele admits he wants to work more on his shooting.

“I need to work on my free throws,” he said. “They are supposed to be easy but I don’t feel like they’re easy at all. I also need to work on three-pointers.”

Steele wants to focus on keeping calm in golf and doesn’t want to allow himself to get too worked up.

“It’s all about approach and I don’t always have the best,” he said. “Approach shots are important, but also hard.”

Steele said LeBron James motivates him in every way.

“He always plays hard,” he said. “He is always good and he hardly plays bad. He is my favorite athlete out of any sport and he motivates me to get better every day.”

Steele admits if he could only choose one sport he would play basketball over golf.

“It is more fast-paced,” he said. “Golf is directed towards playing on a relaxing afternoon. I like the competitiveness basketball has.”