Ty Miller is confident in strengths in football and basketball

Published 10:54 pm Thursday, January 31, 2019

Seventh-grader Ty Miller started playing basketball six years ago.

As well as basketball, Miller also plays football.

“I tried all the sports,” he said. “Over the years, I realized which sports I was best at and it was basketball and football. I also enjoy them more so I had no doubts that I only wanted to play these two.”

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Miller said he started playing sports because of his dad.

“My dad and I watch sports together all the time,” he said. “He is the reason I play and the reason why I have been playing all this time.”

Miller said his strength on the court is his post-up game.

“I’ve got good moves down on the block,” he said. “I’m a good passer out of the post and I can score it if I need to.”

Miller wants to continue working on his offensive skills.

“I want to handle the ball better,” he said. “I don’t feel fully confident in that right now, but I plan to get better at it.”

For football, Miller is confident in his hands but wants to work on making it hard for the defense to keep him in front.

“My hands are good,” he said. “I feel like I can catch everything. I want to still work on running better routes to get open more.”

Miller said he gives it his all on the court, football field and in the classroom to make his parents proud.

“I want them to know I’m trying,” he said. “I hope they know that I am giving it my best and that’s all I can really do.”

Miller wears no. 41 in basketball and 87 in football.

“I was going to choose 40 but it was taken,” he said. “41 was close to it so I went with that. I wasn’t too picky.”