Farmer has eyes on the prize for senior year

Published 7:15 pm Wednesday, March 20, 2019

George Rogers Clark senior Lydia Farmer first learned about softball in third grade but did not start playing competitively until eighth grade.

She did not play anything else growing up and softball has been all she has known.

“I played little league at first,” she said. “Then I started playing for the middle school and I loved it ever since.”

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Farmer said the friendships and her competitive nature is what she enjoys most about softball.

“We always stick together as a team,” she said. “I love when we pick up wins. It’s more fun when we’re winning.”

Farmer said her strength is her support for the team.

“I love to cheer on the team,” she said. “I like to encourage them to make sure they always give their best. I want to be a friend to them before a teammate.”

Farmer said she needs to have more faith in her abilities on and off the field.

“Confidence can go a long way,” she said. “I want to have more confidence in myself and trust myself that I can do things.”

Farmer admits the difficulties in trying to balance school work around her softball schedule, especially with games on back-to-back days or even three days in a row.

She said she always had no choice but to do it so she has always made sure she gets it done.

“Sometimes it’s really hard to do,” she said. “You just have to stick with it.”

Farmer made it clear that she does not want the team or herself to settle for mediocre this season.

She said the team is in it together and is ready to accomplish their goals.

“We want to go to state,” she said. “We’re going to have to work hard, play together and communicate.”