AARP Chapter has March meeting

Published 12:00 pm Saturday, April 20, 2019

AARP Chapter 632 met March 26 at the James B. Allen Generations Center with Sue Staton presiding, and 24 members and guests present.

Dot Moberly gave the invocation and Elizabeth Gay led the pledge to the flag.

Phyllis Abbott, executive director of Lady Veterans Connect, spoke to the group. Her organization has purchased the old Trapp Elementary school to provide temporary housing — up to one year — for female military veterans who need assistance.

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The facility will eventually be able to house children as well.

A pipe burst and subsequent flooding has delayed the building’s opening.

Abbott explained that many female vets live in abusive relationships, as many as 40 percent have been sexually assaulted, and some are living in cars.

While residents at the site, the women will be registered for the VA and taught life skills — how to become self-sufficient, good nutrition, how to garden and can food, etc.

According to Abbott, Kentucky has been considered relatively unfriendly to vets, but now ranks 14th in the country in support of them.

The Trapp location will be the largest facility for female vets in Kentucky.

Lynn May reported on her AARP lobby trip to Frankfort last month. She met with Sen. Ralph Alvarado to discuss several House and Senate bills AARP is supporting.

HB 15 and HB 58 are seeking to increase the pension income exclusion from $31,110 to $41,110 and apply it retroactively for taxable years beginning on or after Jan. 1, 2018. This would effectively undo tax changes made last year.

SB 53 would provide payments to low income individuals caring for children that are unrelated by either birth or marriage. This would most often apply to grandparents.

SB 133 would allow qualified advanced practice registered nurses to have more prescriptive authority, thus providing better care for their patients.

The local AARP chapter has a few new members. Don Rose will soon provide an updated list.

Colista Ledford read the secretary’s report and Joyce Reffett presented the treasurer’s report.

Volunteer tax preparers will be honored at the next AARP meeting at 6 p.m. Tuesday, April 30, at the James B. Allen Generations Center, 32 Meadow St.

Everyone 50 years or older is invited.