Clark County property transfers for May 18, 2019

Published 1:45 pm Saturday, May 18, 2019

The following property transfers were recorded in the Clark County Clerk’s office April 29 through May 11, 2019.

— Stephen E. Campbell and Laura M. Campbell to First Kentucky Trust Co., Charles Dicken as trustee, Joes Trust and Katherine B. Sutphin irrevocable trust, 577 Big Stoner Road, $255,000.

— WDJ Properties to Kimberly Kelley and Stanley Kelley, 1524 Muddy Creek Road, $!60,000.

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— Douglas C. Trimble to Craig Quarles, 2614 Old Ruckerville Road, $200,000.

— David L. Book and Julia Book to Abraham Ott and Tikvah Ott, 112 Fulton Ave., $121,000.

— Whitney Smith Watson, Whitney Harlow Smith and Steven A. Watson to Virginia Reynolds and Jonathan Hatton, 575 Constitution Drive, $15,000.

— Kaleb Brandenburg and Jenifer Brandenburg to Geoffrey Huel Milton and Samantha M. Centers, 303 Maryland Ave., $85,000.

— Ione Graul Wengert to Winchester Retirement Place Inc., 208 Old Garden Court, $120,000.

— Mary L. Hood and Deborah Tharpe to Robert Douglass and Cindy Douglass, 118 Honeysuckle Court, $15,000.

— Joseph P .Moss and Amanda Moss to Trinity Lynn Ellis, 575, 619 and 667 Cunningham Lane, $185,000.

— Robert L. Barnes and Hope Barnes to Tamela L. Jackson, 109 Yucca Court, $192,000.

— James F. Bergquist and Sheila Bergquist to Elizabeth Gaines, 409 Jameson Way, $98,500.

— Angela Wood and Brian Wood to Samantha Marie Evans, 240 Prescott Lane, $137,900.

— Juanita Howard to Jason Langley Howard, 525 Estes Drive, $110,000.

— Central Bank and Trust, Simpson Green McIntosh, William Campbell, Chrystal Campbell, Commonwealth of Kentucky, Department of Revenue, Richard Campbell, unknown, Dewaine Campbell, Dewayne Campbell, Kevin Campbell, Peggy Lee McIntosh, Midland Funding and Friendly Finance Corp. to Linda C. Whiteman, 550 Agawam Road, master commissioner sale.

— John L. Eastin and Karen D. Eastin to John L. Haddix and Carol L. Haddix, 999 Oil Springs Road, $40,000.

— William E. Strode and Robert G. Strode to Thomas Augustus Bradley, Paul H. Bradley and Kathryn A. Bradley, 731 Westmeade Drive, $110,044.

— Gerald A. Ellsworth and Sandra S. Ellsworth to Audra Q. Miller, 3130 McClure Road, $574,900.

— Benjamin Velasquez and Arlene Velazquez to J. Bruce Clevenger, 134 Hibiscus Lane, $175,000.

— Anthony Caudill and Joanne Caudill to Erin M. Wagner and Roy C. Wagner Jr., 839 Darby Trace, $500,000.

— Susans Travel Inc. to Stanley Murrel Cecil and Sheila Kay Cecil, 148 Hood Ave., $205,000.

— Douglas C. Trimble to Tiffany Ericson, James Griffiths and Laura Connors, 2650 Old Ruckerville Road, $90,000.

— Melissa Rae Riggs and Melissa R. Dicken to Michael Anderson, 706 Concord Ave., $198,000.

— Ernie Evans and Felecia Evans to Arturo Molino, 42 Mockingbird Valley Drive, $250,000.

— Darryl Nunnelly to Richard T. Shanks, 12 Linden Ave., $85,000.

— James Adams and Jacquetta Adams to City of Winchester, 65 Wall St., $20,000.

— Allen E. Campbell to Allen E. Campbell, 1471 Cole Road, love and affection.

— William R. Dowdy estate to James Keesee and Abigail A. Keesee, 301 College St., $103,500.

— Virginia Lee Fulton to Robin R. Doebler, 9 Hiawatha Trail, $110,000.

— Kentucky Housing Corporation to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, 204 Forest Court, quit claim.

— Central Bank and Trust, Harry Ray Bailey, TD Bank, Citibank, Sandra L. Ward and Frank Owen Spencer to Jennifer Klinglesmith, 433 S. Main St., master commissioner sale.

— Phyllis A. Sheffield to Scott A. Ogle and Lana Ruth Ogle, 102 Winterberry Court, $323,500.

— Christopher L. Harris and Jamie C. Harris to Clinton E. Pace, 208 W. Lexington Ave., $35,000.