St. Agatha Academy celebrates graduation

Published 9:27 am Friday, May 24, 2019

By Nacogdoches Miller

Sun Intern

The eighth-grade class of St. Agatha academy humbly left with diplomas in hand Tuesday night.

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The petite class of 11 students entered from the back, led by the processional cross down the aisle to their pews, where the students would take their place at the front of the chapel one last time as students before moving on to take the next step in their lives.

“We are so happy to celebrate the accomplishment of this class with their family’s friends and teachers,” Kathy Beauchamp said as she opened the graduating ceremony with greetings to the parish.

Beauchamp gave a brief summary of all the accomplishments she had witnessed her students achieve while under her instruction, “but most importantly,” she said, “they have learned to lead people in faith.”

To begin the celebration, Beauchamp led the congregation in singing the hymn “They will know we are Christians.”

Principal Deacon Ron Allen made the next transition with a prayer before handing it back off to Marissa Gilchrist to read from Acts 14:19-28.

Gilchrist returned to sit with her graduating class as Beauchamp led them in singing “Your friends make known, O Lord, the glorious splendor of your Kingdom.”

Allen read the gospel of John 14:27-31 before transitioning into a speech reminding his students to “live in love” and to have faith in God.

Halle Thompson led the crown in “prayers of the faithful,” bowing before the cross on the altar before taking the stage and once more as she left.

“Congratulations on your hard work and perseverance,” Allen said as he handed off to Marisol Lopez.

In her speech, Lopez talked about how in their time at the academy the students experienced everything together — the good and the bad.

“Any situation we were in, we’ve always come out stronger,” Lopez said. “In high school, stay true to that.”

Lopez encouraged her classmates to stay true to their faith and what they knew was right.

Several awards were handed out during the ceremony.

Principal’s list went to Marissa Lee Gilchrist, Abigail Claire Kubican and Marisol Lopez.

Honor roll went to Kailyn Nicole Goebel and Courtlin Lovell Crabtree.

Athena Baldwin awarded the Daughters of the American Revolution, an award for historical preservation, promotion of education and encouragement of patriotic endeavor.

“The DAR good citizen award was established to foster among school children a greater appreciation of the qualities an American citizen must possess if our country is to remain sovereign and independent,” Baldwin said.

The school only gives one metal every year; this year’s recipient was Marisol Lopez, followed by the $500 Sr. Cindy Scholarship Award that went to Kailyn Nicole Goebel.

Following the awards, graduates received their diplomas and Allen gave the farewell speech.

Making a correlation of the world with that of the science-fiction series “Dune,” Allen said, “as long as what is true and beautiful outweighs what is destructive and cruel, our world goes on.”

He told them to remember the lessons they learned and to stay true and continue adding good to the world.

For his last instruction, he told graduates to move their tassels from the right to left as a sign of completion of their studies at St. Agatha Academy.

“Congratulations,” Allen said.

Graduate James Phelps gave the final thank you to the academy’s teachers as students handed them white bouquets.

Allen led the congregation in a final prayer before releasing them into the world.

“Go in peace,” Allen said.