Letters to the Editor for May 30, 2019

Published 9:34 am Thursday, May 30, 2019

Idea for the Sphar space

I have a suggestion for the (Sphar Building) space. I agree with Pete Koutoulas on a green space on the north end of downtown.

I think we need to put the long-awaited Veteran Memorial Park and possible move The Vietnam Memorial from the courthouse lawn since most of the names was from the north end.

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Also do a monument about the history of the Sphar Building and the owners and a picture of the building.

Also a monument listing all the buildings from the West Side of North Main Street from West Washington Street to Paynter Tire where WMU employees parking lot is now. And Sphar Building that was in the movie “The Flim Flam Man” in 1967.

Kenny Book

Former city commissioner

Barr’s take on climate change falls on easy audience

I am responding to Andy Barr’s recent letter in The Sun regarding climate change.

The purpose of his letter was to discount the Green New Deal as impractical and too expensive. Andy says he’s not a climate change denier, but cites the Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change as proof that there is a lack of consensus on climate change. I decided to check out these folks.

I learned this outfit is a copycat of an organization with exactly the same name but without the “non.”

The real panel was created by the UN to provide a scientific view of climate change.

The “non” panel was set up by Fred Singer, who previously worked for the tobacco industry to deny the harmful effects of secondhand smoke. His new gig is supported by Big Oil and the Republicans.

When Andy was in Winchester in April, I gave him a copy of “The Uninhabitable Earth” by David Wallace-Wells. Wells gives us a readable but extremely well-documented view of the already irreversible effects of change that will occur even if we act decisively and quickly, because of the momentum of CO2 buildup.

I told Andy we must stop putting so much carbon in the air. His response was one word, “photosynthesis.”

Guess I wasted my $25. No big deal.

The really big deal is that as long as the Republicans are running the show, there will be no decisive action on climate change.

I didn’t see Andy’s letter in the Lexington paper. I think he knows the deceptive reference to a bogus panel wouldn’t fly in a more sophisticated audience. We in Clark County should feel insulted.

I bought another book for Mitch (McConnell). That would be another $25 wasted, so I’ve decided to give it to the library. Check it out for yourself if you want to know the truth about climate change.

Mark McCammish