Neighbors: Inkspire writing camp students share poems

Published 9:15 am Friday, August 2, 2019

The following poems were written by the student who participated in the week-long Ink-spire writing camp. The camp was taught by Jacqueline Hamilton, Jenny Strickland, Jennifer Taylor and Carolyn Gatewood.

Our Friend Glenn

Glenn — Inkspire’s good friend

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A leader we can bank on

Central to our hearts

Depositor of good will

We’re not just horsing around!

Mizz JJ

Group A

The Fox

The orange and white

fox is hidden in her hole

eating dirty mice.

  —  Abigail Taylor


Trees are good sources

Good for newspapers and books

and notebook paper.

   — Autumn Kincaid


Cheetahs are so fast —

fastest creatures in the world.

Cheetahs have black spots.

    — Camille Carter

The Fast Cheetah

On a hazy day

the fast cheetah ran quickly

through the rain forest.

   — Ethan Travis


Kitten in the snow

Kitten lying in the cold

She needs to find warmth.

 —   Jocelyn Morris

Night Owl

I love the night owl —

the owl that flies in the dark.

Its feathers are gray.

 — Savannah Williams


A bear, fox, and moose

exciting to see outside

in the grassy wild.

  —  Sawyer Joynt


Dragons are messy

They are red. Their magenta scales

are slimy with muck.

   — Sylvia Coogle

Group B


Honest, empty pot

Dishonest pots from others

Ping’s now emperor.

 —  Ben Cantrell

Thunderstorm Tree

Roots escape the ground

Oak tree flees the thunderstorm

Shaking in horror.

   — Elliot Carlisle

The Purple Seas

Purple palms swaying,

blowing in the purple breeze —

Find the purple seas.

    —Jacob Davison

The Winner

Cherries crown sundaes.

Cherries taste phenomenal.

Apples still win all!

    —Jackson Sotski


Apples taste so great.

Apples keep doctors away,

so I will eat them.

   — Josiah Taylor


Mountain tall and strong

Mountain shaking and quaking

Mountain scared of heights.

    —Michael Wright

Clinging Cockatiel

Clinging cockatiel

Fluttering, reaching, perching

Talons hold on tight.

    —Silas Coogle


Waves lap against sand

The water leaves a wet mark

White tips the blue waves.

    —Stuart Joynt

Group C

Night Vision

A molten, dark ink

of nights, nebulas, and stars

engulfing the light.

    —Amy Wright

The Pipe Organ

at its Best

King of instruments

Heavenly, cosmic organ

A godly whistle

Powerful pitches, low and high

A transcendental triumph!

    — Caroline Carlisle


The bright orange sunset

slowly dips into the horizon

falling into slumber

far and wide, colors appear

red, purple, yellow, and pink.

    — Emily Ann Warner


Their beaks gulp down worms.

Their wings beat through the branches,

nesting anywhere

Teaching their young to survive —

Behold, robins’ way to thrive.

   — Garrett Wright

Lightning Storm

The day turns pitch black.

The blinding streaks slash the sky.

Rain starts to descend.

Claps of thunder soon follow.

The world outside rages.

 — Katelyn Deal


Delicate willow

Dainty branches like dancers

Swaying in the breeze.

    — Mae Abordo

Jumping Fish

Reaching for the stars

a fish breaks the still surface.

Scales glinting, he falls.

    — Maggie Matthews

A Royal Bard

Robin dances on

nature’s stage — eternal bard —

scarlet royalty.

    — Meghan Wells


So slow so silent

Shooting bright sparks of color

A jewel in the sea

So delightfully squishy

Inching beneath the ocean.

   *soft-bodied mollusk

    — Naomi Schanding


Fear runs through their heads

adrenaline unleashes

pacing back and forth

frightened is all they feel

footsteps fade away…

    — Reagan Rawlins

Too Deep

I have no ideas

Human nature is too deep

Stick with vegetables.

    — Tirzah Schanding