Down the Lane: No reason to be bored in Winchester

Published 9:31 am Thursday, August 8, 2019

There should not be any reason for anyone ever to be bored in Winchester.

If they are, it is not our town’s fault.

It is because you have not wanted to find something to do.

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This Saturday was another example of an excellent day to be in Winchester.

If you look into The Winchester Sun each week, there is a list of activities to do in our town.

All you need to do is participate and become involved.

Of course, you cannot go to everything.

However, there is something that we can all get involved in from plays to library programs to museum programs or community clubs.

It just means taking the time to do so.

This past weekend was the date for the Holy Smokes Barbecue competition on Depot Street.

I am so happy that I went.

The weather was beautiful, just a little hot but no rain.

I was amazed to find the crowd that was there.

Usually, if I go to anything around Winchester, I know or recognize nearly all the faces there.

This past weekend was different.

I saw many faces I did not recognize.

As I was in a long line to get my barbecue meal, I spoke with others.

As the line grew shorter, I noticed two faces were serving up the plates of food I knew well.

They were our daughter-in-law, Julie Staton and our daughter, Erica Cline.

Once I got seated and began hearing conversations with the other people sitting at the table, I heard one of them bragging on the baked beans.

With pride, I let them know our son Keith Staton made the baked beans.

The makers of the barbecue and coleslaw had also done an equally great job.

I noticed a man who purchased an Ale-8-One from the George Rogers Clark High School cheerleading squad and made sure his wife took a picture of him drinking Ale-8.

I assumed he was not from Winchester, so I asked them. They told me they were from Danville.

I then asked the couple to the left, and they told me Bardstown and Chaplin.

I was happy to have these visitors and welcomed them to Winchester.

I let them know Winchester native Lauren Frazer was singing the tunes for the day. She was on “American Idol.” They were impressed.

I could not help but ask how they knew about our festival, and they told me they learned through Facebook. They said they were enjoying their day.

During this same time, the farmers sold their products through the farmers’ market booths.

They work so hard throughout the year to bring their products to sell for our community.

As I was at the Holy Smokes Barbecue event and farmer’s market, my husband was helping to “Stuff the Bus” with school supplies in the parking lot of Walmart.

He kept repeating the statement, “it was just a wonderful day,” over and over.

He had helped Eva Miller and the Salvation Army to pack supplies they would later give to those who needed the supplies onto a school bus.

He told me of what good people Winchester has who bought supplies for the school children’s upcoming school year.

He said a sweet little Girl Scout helped; she had a great ability to influence the people how much the supplies were needed.

My husband also spoke about a little boy who helped pack things onto the bus.

He was in awe of the supplies people gave and the money donated to help the community.

Volunteers took the school supplies to Campbell Junior High School, where they will be distributed by the family resource counselors to share at each of the schools in Clark County.

We both agreed we do live in a great community with beautiful people.

Sometimes we only hear of the bad, but good people in our community are many.

If you were involved in any way in making our weekend better for those in Clark County, I am sure it was much appreciated.

Once again, Winchester made me happy to be a resident.

We do have a great community to live in, and I can think of no other place where I would be more satisfied.

Sue Staton is a Clark County native who grew up in the Kiddville area. She is a wife, mother and grandmother who is active in her church, First United Methodist Church, and her homemakers group, Towne and Country Homemakers.