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Civitan football update

The Civitan Football League saw action again last week as they played three games on Sunday, Oct. 6 and two more on Tuesday, Oct. 8.

Sunday’s game saw the 49ers vs. the Steelers, the Cowboys vs. the Raiders and the Redskins vs. the Packers.

The 49ers prevailed over the Steelers 16-0 with Danny Thomas III scoring two touchdowns and adding a two-point conversion as well as Kaidyn Compton scoring the other two-point conversion.

The Cowboys beat the Raiders 24-6. Leland Durham and Travis Renner of the Cowboys each scored one touchdown and JaMylyn Johnson scored two.

The Redskins topped the Packers 28-20. Kenyon Larocque scored all four touchdowns for the Redskins and Kameron May tacked on two two-point conversions. The Packers had Ethon Haskins score a touchdown, Hagen Tankersley score two and Deairion Francisco score a two-point conversion.

Tuesday’s games saw the Bengals vs. the Steelers and the Packers take on the Raiders.

The Bengals’ Cade Fithen scored a touchdown and Lake Cruse converted the two-point attempt as they fell to the Steelers 14-8.

In the Packers vs. Raiders matchup, Haskins and Tankersley picked up where they left off on Sunday, scoring a touchdown each in their 12-0 victory.