Clark County property transfers for Nov. 2, 2019

The following property transfers were recorded in the Clark County Clerk’s office Oct. 21-26, 2019.

— Lois Trimble, Janice Clark, Arthur Clark and Ronald E. Harris to Robert W. McCord, 134 Kentucky St., love and affection.

— John W. Brazil and Juliet D. Brazil to Jerry Keefer and Susan Keefer, 204 Graves St., $115,000.

— White Knight LLC to Amber Renea Snyder, 6 Monroe Ave., $92,500.

—David Cantrell and Valerie Parish Cantrell to Terry Sandy and Ray Sandy, 4540 McClure Road, $292,500.

— Audie L. Banks and Susan L. Banks to Jamie R. Eldridge and Regina M. Eldridge, 1137 Wades Mill Road, $338,000.

— Carl Gravett to City of Winchester, 52 Lincoln St., $5,000.

— Shelby Lynn Toler and Sabrina C. Toler to City of Winchester, 32 Lincoln St., $43,000.

— Robert Lee Rose and Sallie B. Devary estate to Edward Stone and Dorthy D. Stone, 17 Vine St., $61,500.

— Gardner D. Wagers and Susan Y. Wagers to James G. McNabb and Paula McNabb, 391 Clintonville Road, $199,000.

— Everman Family Irrevocable Trust to Daniel Anderson Fryman, 18 Jackson St., $131,500.

— Robert Abner and Lisa Abner to Brianna N. Dean and Zachary C. Dean, 110 Buckingham Lane, $156,000.

— Paul Clem and Ella M. Clem to Thomas Stull Jr., 100 Waldo Alley, $32,000.

— Phillips Inc. to Cady Holbrook, 58 Hughes Ave., $119,000.

— Michael P. Jones and Alexandra Walker to Lonnie D. Gibson, 310 Oil Springs Road, $185,000.

— Joyce H. Henry, Joyce M. Smith and George W. Henry to Teddy Lee Fisher, 20 Goldie Ave., $2,000.

— Robert D. Jarrett Jr. and Glena Fay Jarrett to Robert F. Jarrett Jr. and Glena Fay Jarrett, 360 Boone Ave., love and affection.

— W Littrell Builder to Joseph Kenneth Columbus, Catherine M. Columbus and Joseph V. Columbus, 111 Mayfair Court, $242,500.

— Johnny R. Swerdlen and Cheryl R. Swerdlen to William N. Elias, 709 Princeton Drive, $157,000.

— Carlos Pacheco and Juan Carlos Pacheco Segura to Federal National Mortgage Association, 316 Geronimo Court, $75,377.39.

— Harold R. Jordan to Harold R. Jordan as trustee of Harold Jordan living trust, 67 Fitch Ave., quit claim.

— Kentucky Housing Corp. to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, 32 Hiawatha Trail, quit claim.

— Marcus E. Moore and Marsha P. Moore to Bruce K. Parsley and Linda H. Parsley, 140 Gadwall Lane, $60,000.

— Jamie R. Eldridge and Regina M. Eldridge to Jon Antoniou and Lisa Antoniou, 246 Runnymeade Drive, $309,500.

— William W. Taylor and Mary Sue Taylor to Timothy Holbrook and Sherry Holbrook, 27 Lynnway Drive, $333,000.

— Ellen J. Flinchum as executrix of Joseph E. Christian estate to Brett A. Allen, 13 Lakeview Drive, $163,000.

— Michael May and Allen April L. May to Wecie Allen, 5 Watts Road, $79,000.

— Paul W. Williams and Tammy Williams to Farley 401K, 2 Western Ave., $47,500.

— Walle Corp. to FD Winchester LLC, 1322 Enterprise Drive, $3,580,000.