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Timisha Anderson

Clark mother sends abuse case to grand jury

A woman charged with neglecting her three children sent the case to the grand jury.

Timisha Anderson, 22, was arrested in December after her three children were found in “disturbingly unhygienic condition,” according to Winchester Police.

Anderson was arrested and charged with one count of first-degree criminal abuse.

She was scheduled for a preliminary hearing Wednesday in Clark District Court, which would establish whether there was evidence for probable cause. By waiving the hearing, the case goes to the grand jury for its consideration.

A week earlier, Anderson’s father Timothy also waived his case to the grand jury.

According to court records. Winchester Police officers were called to a doctor’s office on West Lexington Avenue on Dec. 11 after a woman locked herself in the bathroom. When the door was opened, Anderson and three children were inside.

Police said all three children had full diapers that had not been changed in some time. All three had severe diaper rash. The children were barefoot and only one was wearing pants.

Anderson said she, the children, her father and three dogs had been living in a Ford Expedition. Officers found clean diapers in the vehicle, but Timisha Anderson gave different stories on when they were changed.

Social workers told police they had tried to find shelter for the family for months, but Anderson would not return phone calls.

All three children were admitted to the hospital with severe rashes.