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Letter to the Editor for Feb. 12, 2020

What does ‘so help me God’ mean to you?

This country has gone through an impeachment process. Our senators were the jury that determined the fate of the president and of this country.

The senators indicated that they would do their duty “so help me God” when they were sworn into office. After the president was impeached, the leader of the Senate indicated that he would not be impartial (conduct a fair hearing) although he has sworn to do so.

 If you followed the Muller investigation, the information presented to Congress, and the news coverage (except for Fox News), then you should realize that the Senate should have conducted a thorough investigation of the charges presented for the sake of the president and this country.

Our senators (the ones we voted for) stated that they had no intention of conducting an impartial hearing, nor would they allow any witness or evidence to be presented.

The impeached president (a person accused of a crime) had a right to a fair trial with witnesses and evidence presented, anything less would be an injustice to him (unless the witness and evidence would show him to be guilty).

If you were being prosecuted for something you did not do, you would want all the evidence presented.

If you are a Trump supporter, didn’t you want to know whether or not the Democrats were falsely accusing President Trump?

The vast majority of Americans were angry about the 1995 not guilty verdict in the O.J. Simpson trial.

In my opinion, the not guilty verdict was the jury’s way of showing how they felt about the not guilty verdicts in the trial of the men (who later bragged about killing him) that killed Emmett Till in 1955, or the police officers who beat Rodney King in 1991 (on camera), or the men that killed almost 300 blacks in Tulsa, Oklahoma (the Greenwood Massacre) in 1921, or the men that killed almost 150 blacks in Levy County, Florida (the Rosewood Massacre) in 1923.

Now we are faced with the result of this impeachment trial, with the jury already indicating that they would not find the president guilty, and would not allow any witnesses or evidence to be presented. This is reminiscent of the way things used to be.

Between World War II, the Korean War and the Vietnam War, 438,478 American soldiers died after taking an oath to defend the American way of life.

Now they are being punished for abiding by that oath.

I guess to some Americans, so help me God does not mean much.

There is a saying in the black community, when people speak of using the justice system to hold people accountable, they mean “just us.”

I am asking you to help put the blinders on justice because in America, no person is above the law — SO HELP ME GOD.

Reed Hampton