St. Agatha students donate to foundation

Two weeks ago, Kamble Metz, a George Rogers Clark freshman, asked students at her former school, St. Agatha Academy, to give to the foundation she established in memory of her mother to help children at Clark County Preschool, where “Miss Nancy” Metz taught before cancer took her life last year.

The St. Agatha students responded.

On Tuesday, Kamble was back at St. Agatha, standing again before the students assembled in the cafeteria, this time to receive a check for $548.80 from Misty Otte.

They were joined by the principal, Deacon Ron Allen, Kamble’s father, J.D. Metz, and others.

Kamble said she was pleased with the amount the kids and their parents gave to the Miss Nancy’s 2nd Family Foundation.

J.D. said that Kamble will use the money to buy toothbrushes, toothpaste and other dental hygiene items to give to the students at Clark County Preschool next Tuesday morning.

Nancy Metz was known for caring for students at the preschool, especially those who were disadvantaged. Kamble, 14, her adult siblings, Jerod and Kalyn, started the foundation to carry on her legacy.