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Letters to the Editor for Feb. 21, 2020

Elected officials should make America better

I am 75 years old. Over the years my vote has helped put numerous Republicans and numerous Democrats in office.

There has been lots of talk from our elected officials about “Make America Great Again” or “Keep America Great.”

I feel that America is great. It is a great nation. I am thankful to be a citizen of the USA. I am thankful for freedom to worship God in the church of my choice, or not. I am thankful for the right to vote.

But I am saddened by the events taking place in Washington D.C. today.

I was saddened by Nancy Pelosi’s  response at the State of the Union address. In front of a nation of 329 million people tearing up a speech copy seemed to me evidence of immaturity and childishness. A 10-year-old’s actions.

We elect people we think can make things better. It isn’t about making America great again or keeping it great. It is about making America better. No one tries to get into the USA because they want a worse life than they’ve had, but a better life. That is what we all want. All 329 million of us.

If those in office can’t help make her better, then we will keep electing someone until they can.

Jerry W. Owen