Letters to the Editor for Feb. 25, 2020

A salute to Hospice East and a special love story

Hospice East is the best and most loving organization in the world, especially the one right here in Winchester.

Not only do they love and care for the sick and terminally ill, they love their employees and volunteers.

They also have a great support group. This ministry is for those that are suffering over the loss of their loved ones. Lindsey and Dana are the social workers over their support ministry.

This is where mine and Dallas’ love story began. We met in the support group in January 2019.

We were there because we lost our spouses. We fell in love and were married Jan. 17, 2020.

We are happy to announce we are both new Hospice East volunteers.

After we became engaged, I went to the office to share my exciting news and to show off my

ring. They were all so happy and excited for me.

Debbie Jones, executive director, and all the staff wanted to plan our wedding. They got busy right away and started planning this beautiful day.

They started out by taking our picture to post in The Winchester Sun for our engagement/wedding announcement. It was such a thrill and blessing to see their labor of love for our big day.

There is no way Dallas and I could ever thank them enough for making our wedding such a blessing and success. It was beautiful.

It is impossible to name everyone who made this so special for us. But I do want to make a special mention to Debbie Jones, executive director; Charity Pinkerton, volunteer coordinator; Kara Taylor, SRNA and administrative assistant, and Jennifer Patrick, clinical director. They worked so hard for two months to see that we had a beautiful and perfect wedding. And a special hank you to Debbie Ashley, volunteer and friend, for giving us a wonderful shower. We received a multitude of gifts. Everyone was so generous.

So, thank you to the Hospice East staff, volunteers and all that were involved with making our wedding day so special. It will be such a very sweet memory to take into our married lives.

Also, we want to thank Hospice East for taking care of our terminally ill and sick patients.

Faye and Dallas Abney


Abortion is wrong, uncivilized

Christians believe that humans were made in the image of God the Creator as it says in Genesis of the Bible. Each baby is knitted in the womb of the female by God and is a sacred human life.

In the Old Testament, pagan societies passed their babies through the fire on the altar of Baal so their crops would grow.

In modern times, people abort babies as a matter of convenience because they don’t want the baby because of medical problems or if it’s not a boy or if its not a girl. This is playing God.

Abortion is murder.

The classical pianist Beethoven should have been aborted because his brothers and sisters were genetically defective. Planned Parenthood would have murdered Beethoven.

Planned Parenthood is the temple of Baal.

God hates the death of the innocent.

It doesn’t help that our governor, Andy Beshear, is an abortion advocate and has no respect for human life. Maybe he should have been aborted.

Maybe you should have elected Matt Bevin, someone who has adopted babies. At least there is an alternative to abortion.

The Chinese communists abort all the girl babies. This is an abomination.

Robert Garrett