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Man charged with abuse again for filthy home

A Clark County man has been charged for the second time with abuse for the filthy living conditions in his home, this time along with his wife.

John Christopher Walker, 32, and Charity Danielle Walker 23, both of 129 Kentucky St. were charged Friday with second-degree criminal abuse of a child 12 or younger.

According to Winchester Police Capt. James Hall, the department was responding with social services regarding diversion for a March 2018 case of abuse also involving filthy living conditions.

According to the arrest citation, officers were “immediately overcome by the smell of something rotten” as they entered the home.

Hall said there were four children under the age of 6 living the home who appeared to have lice. Charity Walker said the children had been treated for lice three or four times since they moved to the Kentucky Street residence in November.

There was animal feces scattered throughout the house, including multiple piles of cat feces in the bathtub.

Officers also found “smeared feces in the carpet, rotten lettuce in the refrigerator, unbelievably sticky kitchen floor, trash bagged up in the house and trash on the floor,” according to the citation. “The kids were wearing clothes that were extremely soiled and bed linens were in about the same shape.”

Hall said the children appeared to have some injuries related to the condition of the home as well.

John Walker was charged for a similar incident in 2018. Hall said more than one child was removed from his home at that time. According to court records, he was initially charged with second-degree criminal abuse, which was amended to five counts of first-degree wanton endangerment in March 2019.

“It’s something that is easy for parents to take care of,” Hall said. “You would think it would be commonsense stuff to keep a home in a livable condition for children.”

Hall said there have been several similar cases of child abuse over the past year in Clark County, and said the conditions of the home go beyond just general uncleanliness.

“We’re talking about things like food that’s left out and has bugs crawling on it, animal feces throughout the home, garbage that hasn’t been taken out and is piling up in the floor drawing bugs and other vermin that carry diseases into the home,” he said. “These are no kind of living conditions anyone should be exposed to.”