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Down the Lane: Thinking about those talented kids

Are kids smarter and more talented than they used to be?

I often wonder. I have come to the conclusion there is so much more that kids are around than when I grew up, which enhances their knowledge.

“Sesame Street” and some of the other kid shows have helped, but I think kids are exposed to so much more than when I grew up.

I also wonder how they might cope if everything was not right in front of them. They probably would surprise me all over.

This past week, I was blessed by watching our young people more than usual. I went to see my granddaughter Saturday evening as she performed in a March Melodies spring concert in Louisville.

She sang “Dead Mom,” a song from “Beetlejuice” that was an original Broadway cast recording with Sophia Caruso.

It is a song of a young girl talking to her dead mom and telling her how much she needs her in life. She is left with her father, who just doesn’t get her. Talking to her dead mom is how she copes to get through life. Olivia put so much feeling into the song to make it real.

The other song was, “If I Were a Bell!” from “Guys and Dolls.” I could honestly listen to Olivia sing all day and never get tired of hearing her. I am always amazed by her. I cannot believe she is my granddaughter because of her amazing talent at 12.

Then I went to see “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” performed by students from Shearer Elementary at the Leeds Center for the Arts in Winchester. I am so happy that Winchester has a facility such as Leeds.

I was impressed with the talent we have in our town considering the students were from kindergarten through fourth grade. They all did a wonderful job and I could see they had been taught well by the director and the leaders of the play. The stage scenery was also well done.

It makes me feel good that we have people who care enough to help our young people to be able to fulfill their dreams in the arts. I will never forget the excitement my two daughters felt in getting to be in “Oklahoma,” “Annie” and “Grease.”

I will also never forget the excitement I felt watching them perform. Things such as this can only bring a community closer together as the adults and children will meet and make friends with someone they never knew before.

I also have to brag on the talents of our girls and boys basketball teams. They have worked so hard this year and made our county proud by winning the district and regional tournaments.

The girls team was a little short in the final game of the region but they gave it their all with each game.

The cheerleading squad won the tournament cheerleading competition and we should all be proud of them. This takes a lot of hard work and dedication to accomplish all of this and I am proud of our young people.

I have to say I am proud of our community coming out to support these kids. Our future adults need this to know we all care and support them in their endeavors.

It does take all in the community we live in to make it a positive and happy place.

I have truly enjoyed my week of watching our young people grow through these positive experiences.

Keep up the good work Clark County.

Sue Staton is a Clark County native. She is a wife, mother and grandmother who is active in First United Methodist Church and in Towne and Country Homemakers