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LETTER:‘Ode to Corona’

Well it turned out we all had to stay home.

First time in my house that I wasn’t alone.

So the clothes got washed and the dog got fed.

And we scratched our bellies and we scratched our heads.

Weren’t there games that sat on the table;

One called ‘Sorry,’ another called ‘Scrabble’?

Go clean out your closet and find some old toys.

Come look at some pictures from when Dad was a boy.

How long has it been since you washed your own car?

Or climbed that tree in your own back yard?

Or sat in a circle so all the back’s get scratched?

I don’t think there was a time that ever matched.

When we sat at the house lookin’ at our kin

And had a chance to begin again

Kaitlyn MacMillan