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Letter to the Editor for March 19, 2020

Why are we letting China run our economy?

Why are all our prescriptions made in China and the illegal drug fentanyl sent from China through the U.S. Post Office to drug addicts in America?

Fentanyl is easily overdosed and police officers are made sick touching it. There were more than 70,000 deaths from drugs last year and only 40,000 from car accidents.

The Chinese want to make all of us drug addicts and destroy our country.

China is a Communist country and wants to rule the world.

The Apple computer can easily be made here under the Trump administration incentives and the iPhone can still charge thousands for their phones.

The CEOs and corporations who take jobs from America and give to countries who hate us are treasonous and un-American.

I would rather buy computers from Samsung in South Korea.  At least it is an ally and a democracy.

China would like to take those iPhones and wiretap us. These are people who like to control other peoples’ lives.

When you buy iPhones from China you are un-American.

The best thing for us is to have China go away.

We can get prescription drugs from other countries.

Robert Garrett