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Wildcat Willy’s starts drive-through market service amid COVID-19

Wildcat Willy’s Distillery is reopening Tuesday, not as a take-out restaurant, but as a drive-through market.

“We decided to keep our restaurant kitchen closed, though our bakery is open, and Chris is baking bread for the community,” said Zach Pasley, president of Wildcat Willy’s. “It seemed like the coronavirus crisis called for us to open back up as a store offering fresh produce, beef, farm eggs, hemp products such as CBD, and moonshine.”

Laura Freeman, owner of Mt. Folly Farm seconds the action.

“I walked into Kroger to empty shelves and thought, ‘We are growing food. We are 8 miles away. Our beef is USDA-inspected. We’ve got a license to sell eggs. We are small, so we can monitor all our employees, which we are doing with hawk-like alacrity. The farm has been paired with the distillery and restaurant since day one, so let’s keep that going. And if people need a good stiff drink, let’s give it to them…to take home, of course.’”

Freeman and Pasley both say they plan to source other farm products.

“Right now, we have black raspberry jam from Brennan and Serena Gilkison. The honey comes from Keith Green, another Clark Countian. We are looking for additional products to carry, but they must pass our QA review and carry appropriate licenses,” Freeman said.

The farm market will be drive-up, and products will be delivered to patrons curbside. A list of items for sale is available at wildcatwillysdistillery.com. Directions on how to place your order will be posted at the garage door at the front of the building.

“Finally, as farmers, we get to feed people,” said Makenzie Allen, Mt. Folly’s retail farmer. “I’m proud to do this.”

Ben Pasley, another team member from a well-known Clark County farming clan said, “We are resilient people who care about our community and neighbors. This drive-through market will make these staples available for those who want to support downtown business.”

Zach Pasley will manage initial ordering.

“People can drive up and honk, text me, email me, call the distillery,” he said. “We’ll take care of you. Our plans right now are to bring an order sheet to your car. You can check the boxes of what you want, and we’ll fill your order right there, swipe your credit card on a sanitized machine, and deliver it to your car.”

For more information, including offerings and hours, please visit wildcatwillysdistillery.com. The phone number at the distillery is 859-355-5000 and Zach’s phone number is 859-749-3566.

Wildcat Willy’s distillery is located at 31 E. Broadway St.

For more information, email Laura@mtfollyfarm.com