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LETTER: Our seniors are strong

The last few days I have seen Facebook posts showing senior citizens standing in empty grocery aisles, some crying. The way they were portrayed made me angry instead of sad.

Those images suggest we should be kind to seniors because they are afraid. They are not. They are strong. They are the backbone of this nation.

They are handling this pandemic like heroes.

We get to live our wonderful lives in the greatest nation on earth because of the sacrifices they have made and the adversities they have overcome.

They lived through many trials that we can’t even imagine. They survived the Great Depression, World War II, Korea, Vietnam, the civil rights struggles and yes, other epidemics.

We should be checking on them, bringing them groceries and medications and trying to protect them. But not because they are frail or needy. We should do it because they deserve it. They have earned it. It is what is right and what the Bible commands us to do.

When you reach out to help them, do it in a spirit of love and honor. Let them know that they are respected and valued. Don’t make them feel like you have made a sacrifice for them to add jewels to your crown!

On a personal note, my parents are 78 years old, and my in-laws are 90. They are making deliveries to their friends and family members who can’t get out. I can’t stop them. I’ve tried.

They are courageous. They are not afraid.

Kim Patrick Vermillion