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LETTER: Objections to the horoscope

It occurs to me there is more space given to the horoscope in The Winchester Sun than there is to any religious articles ever printed in The Winchester Sun to this date.

Now that you only have two papers a week, you only have three horoscopes a week. What are we to do about our future for the other four days of the week? You pay good money for those horoscopes.

Too bad for all those avid readers who live their days out wondering what to do.

I grew up here since 1960, and entered Hannah McClure in the third grade at 7 years old.

My best friend in elementary school had tons of Playboy magazines under his bed, and he was in the fourth grade.

My family always went to church, so I never admitted seeing these magazines.

So I was always going to his house and reading magazines and watching TV because we didn’t have a TV.

His family did not go to church at all except maybe Easter.

My introduction to the occult was with the Ouija board, but I was not impressed with it at all.

As far as I am concerned, your horoscope can go to hell.

Robert Garrett