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Bar Association honors Law Day with videos


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Today, the Clark County Bar Association will recognize Law Day, an annual celebration of the role of the legal system in our society.

President Dwight D. Eisenhower established Law Day in 1958 as a day of national dedication to the principles of government under the law.

Traditionally, attorneys in our community have commemorated Law Day by visiting local schools and civic organizations to talk about the role of the legal system in Clark County.

That is not possible this year, so instead, the Bar has come together to create a few short videos to highlight the ways the legal system affects our daily lives.

The first video (https://youtu.be/IkxCwRRFMyY) highlights this year’s Law Day theme “Your Vote, Your Voice, Our Democracy: The 19 Amendment at 100,” a celebration and remembrance of the women’s suffrage movement and the role of the law in that movement.

As our local Family Court Judge Kimberly Blair Walson said, “While we are still fighting for overall equality 100 years later, I am proud to say I am a Circuit Judge in a community that recognizes the importance of women in the field of law. Currently five of the seven judicial seats in our local circuit are filled by women like me, who do not take for granted the strides our nation has made since women first pulled the lever and cast a vote.”

The second video (https://youtu.be/EFylpjttlec) focuses on the role of lawyers and the legal system in helping solve problems.

As local attorney John M. Hendricks said, “The law allows for the peaceful and orderly resolution of disputes. While it is imperfect, our system of justice is the only time in which the largest corporation, the average citizen or even those accused of the most serious crimes are placed on equal footing and have someone whose solemn obligation is to advocate for them and protect them.”

As we all continue to live in a rapidly-changing world, the Clark County Bar Association hopes that we can all take time on May 1 to celebrate the many ways the law has transformed our society and continues to protect our freedoms.

Law Day highlights the importance of the rule of law and provides an opportunity to review the importance of how the law and legal processes protect our liberty, assure justice for all, and guarantee the freedoms that all Americans share.