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We asked. You answered. for May 1-3, 2020

The Sun asked its Facebook followers: Do you intend to wear a mask to slow the spread of COVID-19?  Why or why not?


— Angie Wiggins: “I wear a mask every day at work and I also have my personal mask in my car that I wear to go into the grocery or even if I pull up at a drive through to pick up food I put it on. It’s not just to help myself stay safe but also to keep you safe as I work in healthcare. I don’t want to share anything I may have been exposed to with anyone.”

— Janice Puckett: “If there is a small chance it helps, it is worth it. Yes, I will.”

— John Holmes Gibson-Hernandez: “Are they gonna be supplied by the government? Probably not right. If it’s that important then the store or stores itself should supply them. They can’t mandate you to do anything.”

— Kenny Ross: “No I do not intend to. Having breathing issues will prevent it.”

— Margaret Clark Howard: “Yes, I intend on wearing a mask. It is a small sacrifice to help stop the spread of COVID-19 and will protect not only myself but those who are high risk and the community as a whole. I have family members who are high risk and I will do whatever it takes to protect those that are most vulnerable. It’s the right thing to do.”

— Jada Brady: “If there were a choice, no. I feel like it’s an opportunity to put your fingers to your face in order to adjust the mask especially if you are wearing it for a long time. I find them hot and irritating. However, I have no judgement for those that feel safer with them on. Also, if I were ill and forced to go get medicine or attend a doctors appointment etc; for the safety of others and as a choice I would wear one.”

— Desiree Caudill Rowe: “Yes, because I care about other people. No one knows if they are an asymptomatic carrier of this virus. So if I can prevent the spread and offer a small form of protection for myself I will do it. Every little things adds up and helps.”

— Amanda Weaver: “YES!!! Not out of fear or because the governor recommended me to do so, but because I care about the health and well-being of others. If something as small as putting on a mask when I’m in public areas can save a life, then there’s no question.”

— Tim-Heather Cornett: “Yes. You wear a mask for others. They wear one for you. Coolness or politics has no place in public safety. I will also not support any local business now or after this is over who allows anyone in without one either. My choice, my money.”

— David Congleton: “Yes, for now it is the right thing to do to not only protect yourself but to protect others. The sooner we can get a handle on this hopefully the sooner we can get back to normal.”

— Tracie Stanfield Stone: “Absolutely! I work in dentistry. I’m covered in patients saliva all day. I don’t wear it in public to protect myself, but rather to protect you.”

— Delaney Barber: “Yes. As a healthcare worker and as a mom of a daughter with respiratory issues I feel as though others need to take other peoples health into consideration when choosing not to wear a mask.”

— Sandy McPhearson: “I will wear a mask because I love my family and friends. It is selfish for anyone to say they won’t wear one. If someone in their family dies from this, they will regret their decision.”

— Julie Hall: “If doctors and nurses can wear them for 12 hours or more a day, I can wear one for 30 mins to shop. Let’s support our healthcare workers and essential workers the way they have supported us!!”

— Renee E. Wallace: “Of course I intend to wear a mask! How else would I explain loving my neighbor to my children and grandchildren? This is not about rights; it is about decency.”