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Poster contest promotes Alcohol Awareness Month

In April, Achieving Recovery Together and the Clark County Agency for Substance Abuse Policy sponsored a poster contest for Alcohol Awareness Month for Clark County students.

Hannah Napier was the first-place winner, and Charli O’Dell placed second in the contest.

Hannah’s poster focused on ”Stay Alcohol Free For Those You Love,” and Charli’s focused on ’Your Brain On Alcohol.”

This was the 33rd annual Alcohol Awareness Month. It was founded and sponsored by Facing Addiction with NCADD. This year’s theme was: “Help for Today, Hope for Tomorrow.”

No other substance is more widely used by America’s youth than alcohol, making alcoholism and alcohol-related problems the No. 1 public health problem in the U.S.

Achieving Recovery Together wants parents to know that, with their help, we can make progress in the struggle to address underage drinking in our community, according to a press release from ART.

“Addressing this issue requires a sustained and cooperative effort between parents, schools, colleges, community leaders, and our youth,” the press release states. “The widespread prevalence of underage drinking and the negative consequences it creates remain a stubborn and destructive problem despite decades of efforts to combat it.
“A special thank you to Hannah and Charli for their contribution to the poster contest and to ASAP for the grant funds.”