LETTER: Media biased against Christians

Why does the news media promote Islam over Christianity?

Why is Islam considered a great religion rather than a pagan religion.

They force people to become Muslims with the sword rather than the love of Christianity.

In Saudi Arabia, the women are treated like furniture. Women cannot drive a car, and in their law can be beaten by their husbands.

In Turkey in 1915, the Armenians were driven out of Turkey and slaughtered to the tune of almost 2 million people. There is a movie called “1915,” where at the end, it shows naked women on crosses all the way down the road in Turkey. This is how they treated the Christian Armenians in Turkey. Turkey will not admit to this to this date.

Agnostics and atheists always refer to the Crusades as the blemish on Christianity, but for the most part of history, Christians do not use the sword except in defense against Islam.

The news media hates Christianity and will attack anyone who supports it. CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC all these are biased against Christianity.

Robert Garrett