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LETTER: The president isn’t coming unhinged

This letter is in response to Chuck Witt’s commentary Tuesday, June 9, in The Sun.

President Donald Trump walked over to St. John’s Episcopal Church to check for himself the damage caused by members of your beloved party and Black Lives Matter protesters.

This church was founded in 1816, and those protesters tried to burn it down.

Attorney General William Barr ordered the police to move your “peaceful protesters,” who were throwing rocks and bottles with urine in them at the line of police and officials.

Trump did not make that call.

The protesters were moved back to a safe distance from the president and his wife.

Rubber bullets and tear gas were not used. Pepper balls and smoke bombs were used by the police to move the unhinged crowd.

You must get your news from CNN and MSNBC, but they later refuted those statement on tear gas and rubber bullets. Yes, the press was there, as they are every time the president steps outside the White House.

The press made this a photo opportunity. You must have forgotten President Barack Obama shut down Central New York City to take his wife on a date and out on the town. I wonder what Obama was afraid of?

The only ones coming unhinged are you and our dishonest press.

You run the president down every chance you get. You, sir, should have the decency enough to get your facts straight first.

You should run for political office as you have mastered the trait most politicians have: You can talk out of another part of your anatomy.

Thomas Lykins,