LETTER: Sun should give Staton’s space to someone else

Kudos to Mr. William Baker for calling out Sue Staton’s recent column.

His heart-felt, thought-provoking comments are what our society needs more of to heal.

Mrs. Staton’s assertions were shallow and condescending.

George Floyd has indeed become a martyr, even though his criminal records justifies some in ostracizing him.

Many of the Confederate monuments being removed were erected 60 to 80 years after the Civil War, not so much to heroes, but to codify white supremacy, Jim Crow Laws and KKK proliferation. President Woodrow Wilson screened “Birth of a Nation” in the White House.

“Defending the police” initiatives will redirect funds to mental health and housing authorities that have been abandoned in recent years, leaving unprepared law enforcement to cope as best they can.

Looting is wrong, as has been pleaded with grace by the family members of those individuals murdered by errant police officers.

Mrs. Staton supports protests? I was compelled to write The Sun in April 2018 after she condemned surviving students of the Parkland school shooting for organizing the “March for Our Lives,” an effort she deemed as an infringement on Second Amendment rights.

I don’t refer to my friends of color as, “black friends and friends from all races.” They are just “my friends.”

Perhaps The Sun would be better served, given the current curtailment of its print editions, to give space to other columnists who conjure less self-righteousness in their faith and conformity, and Mrs. Staton can proceed “Down the Lane.”

Steven DeVary,