LETTER: Educate yourself on Black Lives Matter

I drove by one of our stores here in Winchester, and on the side, someone had painted a very offensive word, and then BLM. 

I went home and returned to scrub it off.

The owner came out, not understanding what BLM stood for.

After I told him, he brought out some paint, and now it is gone.

We use the slogan “Black Lives Matter” to educate and assert that black lives haven’t mattered here in Kentucky since the first slaves were brought to Fort Boonesborough. Not mattered in terms of job discrimination, housing, civil rights and basic respect. Not mattered in terms of African-Americans putting up with the Confederate Flag, which is a symbol for Kentucky’s history of slavery.

If you don’t understand this, then get educated about black history. 

Racism thrives in a culture of ignorance. We are better than this. Stand up and speak out. 

Jo Spencer