Property transfers for Sept. 3, 2020

The following property transfers were recorded in the Clark County Clerk’s office Aug. 24-29, 2020.

— James R. Hill and Alyson Hill to Michael Atwood and Haley Atwood, 424 Calmes Blvd., $201,500.

— Scott Seitz and Kelly A. Seitz to Jacob Dylan Newsome and Julia Kayla Newsome, 1044 Big Stoner Road, $50,000.

— Timothy Lee Rowe to Brian Del Lewis Calton, 7950 Four Mile Road, $54,000.

— Swap Holdings LLC to Jack E. Williams and Gloria S. Williams, 290 Howard Creek Road, $75,000.

— James Brian Morris and Rebecca Malee Morris to Lance R. Mitchell, 2517 Pretty Run Road, $45,000.

— Jack J. Croucher and Virginia M. Croucher to Brian K. Adkins and Shannon D. Adkins, 9389 Iron Works Road, $200,000.

— Citizens Bank to Aaron D. Rogers, 1790 Little Stoner Road, $110,000.

— Saundra C. Snowden as executor of Theodore S. Collis Jr. estate to Gary W. Crowe and Amy Crowe, 207 Gilvin Lane, $351,000.

— Robert E. Courtney Jr., Brenda M. Courtney, Robert E. Courtney as trustee and Robert E. Courtney to Willard C. Rankin and Corey A. Rankin, 645 Combs Ferry Road, $640,000.

— Albert L. Walters to Jennifer Jenkins and Brenda Marie Jenkins, 1190 Water Works Road, $355,000.

— Carlton Allen Taylor and Anita Taylor to Paul L. Bates and Lisa L. Bates, 2976 and 2906 Pilot View Road, $90,000.

— Michael Atwood and Haley Atwood to Garry Griffett Jr. and Sylvia Ann Griffett, 155 Cherokee Drive, $182,000.

— Alta M. Arvin to Patricia Ann Arvin Hunter, 2818 Ford Hampton Road, love and affection.

— Alta M. Arvin to Dustyn W. Crawford, 400 Schoolhouse Lane, love and affection.

— Alta M. Arvin to Carolyn Sue Arvin Walters, 423 Water Works Road, love and affection.

— Wayne M. Martin and Kathy G. Martin to Larry A. Cutter and Jenesta Sue Cutter, 421 Fairholme Way, $425,000.

— Marla S. Hubbard, Bruce Scott and Eula Scott to Rimar Electric LLC, 319 Primrose Lane, LLC.

— Lonnie F. Haile and Shirley E. Haile estate to John E. Bowman and Sue Harer, 104 Bayberry Lane, $164,900.

— JCC Investments LLC to Eric William Olsen and Youyoung Olsen, 227 Plantations Drive, $239,000.

— US Bank National Association, RMAC Trust Series 2016 CTT and Rushmore Loan Management Services LLC to Robert Nelson Fueston, 330 Belmont Ave., $80,000.

— Jesse Sparks Jr. and Crystal Lee Sparks to Hayson Investment Group Liability Company, 134 Linden Avenue, $58,000.

— Terry M. Thompson, Sara S. Thompson and Thompson Trust to Larry G. Hue, 426 Paisley Court, $176,000.

— Clover Hill Farm KY LLC to KAL Properties LLC, 130 E. Broadway St., $120,000.

— Rush Real Estate LLC to NSB Properties LLC, 31 Wheeler Ave., $147,000.

— Robert Himes and Thelma Himes to Corey Properties Inc., 132 Winn Ave., $33,000.

— Terry J. Coulter and Ronnie R. Coulter to Kelsey Lauren May, 3497 Stamper Drive, $150,000.

— Lindsay Caudill to Stacy L. Carter, 407 Colby Ridge Blvd., $112,000.

— Michael A. Farrow and Angela M. Farrow to Ernest Adu Gyamfi, 204 Holiday Road, $142,500.

— David Allan Bridges and Karen Ann Bridges to Chloe H. Bates and Shayne Bates, 117 S. Burns Ave., $202,500.

— Benny Crowe to Phillips Incorporated, 101 Baldwin Ave., $27,000.

— Terry Hobert Skipworth and Elizabeth Ann Skipworth to Eric John Kenneweg, 61 Hiawatha Trail, $145,000.

— Ronald B. Snowden Jr. and Sarah J. Snowden to Jon Michael Gaunce and Tiffani Marie Gaunce, 312 S. Main St., $190,000.