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Property transfers from Sept. 8-12, 2020

The following property transfers were recorded in the Clark County Clerk’s office Sept. 8-12, 2020.

— Donna McVey and Donna Becknell to Donna McVey, 309 Foxglove Lane, quit claim.

— David M. Haggard Sr. to Linda R. Parkhill, 183 Chardonnay Court, $265,000.

— Jon Gaunce and Tiffani Gaunce to Jamie C. Hall and Heather M. Hall, 1141 Vienna Road, $210,000.

— Mary C. Henson and Bradley T. Henson to Karali L. Stamper, 504 Hewlett Court, $227,500.

— T&J Associates LLC to Robert Brewer and Barbara Brewer, 24 Euclid Ave., $173,000.

— David M. Bailey, Kelly Bailey and Kelly M. Gaffney to Thomas Risley, 303 Newcastle Lane, $182,000.

— Mason Middendorf and Morgan Middendorf to Sinita Rodela and Julio Rodela Tejeda, 232 Holiday Road, $173,500.

— Martha D. Gaither, Martha Jean Foster and Stuart Brice Foster to James Arron Matthews, 716, 782 and 830 Elkin Station Road, $90,000.

— Eric W. Bradburn and Jamie G. Bradburn to Trent McBride and Natasha Juliette Anderson, 7437 Old Boonesboro Road, $225,000.

— Alice Dewall and Nathan Dewall to Emilee W. Sierp and Micah Sierp, 329 Munchs Corner Road, $523,600.

— Randy Emmitt Johnson and Shirley Pile Johnson to Donna Kay Burgher and Kenneth Clay Burgher, 15 Robyn Drive, $207,500.

— Shannon Travis to Melanie Kincaid and Gregory C. Kincaid, 531 Hidden Hills Way, $120,000.

— Julian Harris and Mary Virginia Harris to DAM Holdings, 143 Winn Ave., $25,000.

— Justin L. Byrd, Justin Byrd, Mary R. Byrd, Mary Byrd, Wesley L. Byrd and Virginia L. Whittington Byrd to Donald W. Pace Jr. and Sheyenne Pace, 1111, 1113, 1131, 1133, 1132 and 1134 Dale Drive, $325,000.

— Ran Gar Investments LLC to Andrew Wayne Greet and Meredith Leigh Queen, 38 Hampton Ave., $195,000.

— Linda Ruth Parkhill to Timothy Allen Parkhill, 80 Casa Landa Way, quit claim.

— W Littrell Builder LLC to Monica Gail Mynk and William Lane Mynk, 624 Colby Ridge Blvd., $238,500.

— Angela Knapp, Angela Dawn King and Ryan Knapp to Travis Dylan Hall and Kayela S. Donaldson, 110 Finley Road, $109,000.

— Marsha P. Moore, Teresa E. Walters and Marvin J. Poer estate to David Julian Coulter and Ryan Eugene Dosier, 205 Ivy Lane, $195,000.

— Hometown Investments LLC to Clarence Darrell Wooton and Lesley Danielle Wooton, 13403 Irvine Road, $175,000.

— John A. Rose to W Littrell Builder LLC, 137 and 139 Hibiscus Lane, $80,000.