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LETTER: You don’t know what you have until its gone

In 2017, my daughter and son-in-law found property in Clark County to build a new home for their family.

The land was beautiful and the area full of recreational activities and history.

They and us have enjoyed the rural farming community and the values it provides.

The home and property owners of Clark County have something special and often people don’t realize its importance until is gone.

If the developers of the proposed solar farms have their way, your county will look like an industrial waste area within the very near future.

Property values will decline, agricultural will diminish along with tourism and then people will start to move to other desirable places to live and to raise a family.

I urge Clark county to focus on what it has: agriculture, tourism, history, quality education and family values, which has attracted many families to your community.

My wife and I have also purchased land and plan to build a home in Clark County. The only thing that would change our plans is if this poorly crafted, open-ended, toxic solar development is approved.

I urge you to get involved and let your voices be heard by your elected officials and urge them to vote no on the proposed solar development for the long-term health, prosperity and quality of life you have today.

Mike Conway,

Clark County property owner