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Property transfers for Oct. 2, 2020

The following property transfers were recorded in the Clark County Clerk’s office Sept. 21-26, 2020.

— Sharon K. Hedger, Sharon Shelley, Sharon Hurt, Sharon Harrison, Robert Hedger III, Robin Hedger and Robyn Hedger to Clarence Stamper and Susanne Stamper, 39 Elizabeth St., $19,500.

— Cory D. Johnson and Leann M. Johnson to SBD Properties LLC, 206 Wabash Ave., $82,500.

— Wesley A. Davis and Sarah L. Davis to Mitchell Roe and Emma Kathryn Cannon Roe, 30 Hampton Ave., $285,000.

— Nancy Pearl Deake and Roy L. Drake to Harpers Rentals LLC, 713 Estes Drive, $93,000.

— Joyce Pelfrey as executrix of Ernest Vance Sprinkle estate to Joyce Pelfrey, 112 Southern Court, will.

— Wells Fargo Bank, John T. McGuire, Leona McGuire, United States of America and Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Ricky Carter and Ashley W. Carter, 123 Magnolia St., master commissioner sale.

— Robert Russell Dennison Jr. as trustee of Dennison Family Trust UTA to Matthew Walker and Thomas White, 108 Hidden Grove Lane, $369,500.

— Kevin D. Miller and Kelly A. Miller to Ashley W. Johnson, 2291 Big Stoner Road, $330,000.

— Mattie G. Nunan to Brenda Courtney, 411 Boone Ave., $225,000.

— Frederick L. Kerber and Julianne M. Kerber to Kelly Dawn Brandenburg, 539 Barlow Drive, $107,000.

— Quantel D. Jones and Emily Leona Ramsey to Jeremy Tyler Smith and Rick Dale Smith, 227 Leslie Drive, $141,000.

— Bernie Clay Lyle Jr. and Charisse Lyle to Jacob Watts, 609 Barlow Drive, $190,000.

— Gary O. Lawson and Joyce T. Lawson to Kandice F. Porter and Charlotte Spence, 6110 Paris Road, $116,524.80.

— Connie Glave to Eugene Whitaker and Rebecca Whitaker, 455 Hollow Road, $30,000.

— White Knight LLC to James Douglas Hook and Judith B. Hook, 509 Bob-O-Link Drive, $130,000.

— Fairfax Church of Christ Inc. to Dawn M. Little, 103 Bristol Place, $30,000.

— Chris Shearer and Monica Shearer to Anitria Evette Coston and Michael A. Coston, 424 Jameson Way, $135,000.

— Elizabeth L. Borden to Cecil Estes, 44 Jackson St., $25,000.

— Mitchell G. Roe, Emma Kathy C. Roe and Kathy Roe to Alyson Campbell Hill and James Robert Hill, 284 Rose Drive, $290,000.

— Robert Bullock to Kimberly D. Nealis, 205 Inverness Lane, $156,000.

— Jonathan Charles and Amber Charles to Jay LeBlanc and Susan LeBlanc, 720 Wades Mill Road, $750,000.

— Bobby G. Johnson to Ashley Conn and Gary Conn, 106 Dorset Lane, $254,500.

— Michael Lee Wattenberger Jr. and Stacey Francis Wattenberger to Shannon Travis, 209 Orchid Court, $225,000.

— Juan E. Feliciano, Juan E. Feliciano Munoz and Sharon Davis to Juan E. Feliciano and Sharon Davis, 436 LaSalle Drive, quit claim.

— Kimberly A. York and Timothy W. York to Austin Greanias and Kayla James, 302 W. Lexington Ave., $167,000.

— Jo Y. Sturdivant to Jo Y. Burke, 39 Skylark Drive, survivorship.

— Charles T. Catlett II to Danielle D. Catlett, 3481 Stamper Drive, quit claim.

— Samuel D. Brown to Armonty English, 128 Holly Ave., $7,000.

— Duane M. Green and Amy G. Greene to John G. Shimko and Marilyn F. Shimko, 1257 Irvine Road, $310,000.

— James Bradford Abbott to Phillip Bruce Abbott and Pamela Kay Abbott Vanicek, 606 S. Maple St., $50,000.

— Crista Lynn Ashcraft to Gary Wilder and Michelle Norris Wilder, 130 Branch Lane, $1,000.

— Thomas McCuddy and Juanita McCuddy to Gary Wilder and Michelle Norris Wilder, 131 Branch Lane, $1,000.

— Dorrita Mullins to Elsie M. Ritchie and Zachary T. Ritchie, 519 Cunningham Lane, $12,000.

— James Larry Shoemaker Jr. to Dustin E. Hughes, 114 Southern Court, $95,000.

— Rex Allen Scarborough Sr. and Elizabeth Ann Scarborough to John Cooley and Elizabeth Cooley, 3 Hiawatha Trail, $127,000.

— Stephen G. Humble and Patricia G. Humble to Chris Shearer and Monica Shearer, 306 Skylark Drive, $223,500.

— Stephanie Mahanes, Stephanie K. Gibson and Jonathan Mahanes to Sonja A. Ferrell, 403 Colby Ridge Blvd., $95,000.

— Natalie A. Morine, Timothy Chavarria  and Stacy M. Morine to Stacy M. Morine, 37 Ashland Ave., love and affection.

— Phyllis Logdon to P&J Properties LLC, 319 Potomac Drive and 420 Mount Vernon Drive, $24,000.