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Property transfers for Sept. 28 to Oct. 2, 2020

The following property transfers were recorded in the Clark County Clerk’s office Sept. 28 through Oct. 2, 2020.

— Alger Bart Breeding and Sharon Kay Breeding to Breeding Family Trust and Sharon Kay Breeding, 291 Calmes Blvd., trust.

— Paul D. East, Deborah Mill and Deborah East to Daniel Martin Schwendeman and Emilee Taylor Lowe, 7 French Ave., $241,000.

— Charlene Ragland to Tony Daniels and Bonnie M. Daniels, 15 Moundale Ave., $216,057.

— Robert E. Richmond and Billie Jo Richmond to Wayne H. Clark and Linda J. Clark, 111 Bayberry Lane, $158,000.

— Roy C. Bubenhofer and Sara P. Bubenhofer to Lucy Ross and Chester Ross, 120 Southern Court, $170,000.

— Paul Geouge and Jennifer Geouge to William Davis, 16 Buckner St., $114,600.

— Ran Gar Investments to Allison Wallingford and Jacob Kyle Wallingford, 9570 Iron Works Road, $230,000.

— Tracy D. Syck and Michael M. Syck to Barry Elwood Frazier and Jennifer Lynne Frazier, 7981 Wades Mill Road, $310,000.

— RLLMK LLC to Pace Crowe Rentals LLC, 120 Strode Station Circle, 700 Country Club Court, 21 Franklin Ave. and 129 Kentucky St., $350,000.

— Seth Daniel and Samantha Ann Daniel to Peng Chen Hong, Pichty Ly and Heng Van Ly, 841 Stratton Lane, $173,000.

— Amanda Ruth Preston and Amanda Ruth Wireman to Susan Eileen Fullmer and Derek S. Fullmer, 318 Maryland Ave., $145,000.

— Kartanya N. Sweat, Kartanya N. Woods and Rodney Vincent Sweat to Kartanya N. Sweat and Rodney Vincent Sweat, 330 Newcastle Lane, love and affection.

— Freda B. Sparks to Farrell T. Sparks, 79 Fitch Ave., quit claim.

— Robert K. Mohr and Judy R. Mohr to Mark Daniel Davidson and Jennifer Lanter Davidson, 18 Locust Drive, $173,000.

— Harry A. Paynter to Candace Renee Owens, 232 Schollsville Road, $150,000.

— Judith O. Perkins, Donna M. Hardiman and Joseph Keith Hardiman to Donald T. Barnes and Lynette S. Barnes, 210 Boone Ave., $269,300.

— Cantrell Rental LLC to Christopher P. Barrett Jr., and Rachel K. Barrett, 933 Ecton Road, $204,000.

— Verlene Reed and Martha Dixon to Stephen Michael Green, Timothy S. Reed, William Kevin Reed and Robert Allen Reed, 201 Skylark Drive, quit claim.

— US Bank National Trust and ABS Reo Trust V to Donald Pace Jr., 216 Jackson St., $27,500.

— Eric F. Rowland and Lilly G. Rowland to Brooke Leigh Betancur and Ricardo Rafael Betancur, 6504 Combs Ferry Road ,$160,000.

— Mildred Evelyn Crawford Brashear estate to Dawn Angela Bhatt and James Larry Shoemaner Jr., 247 Old Iron Works Road, $175,000.

— Betty L. Stivers to Winchester Retirement Place, 512 Rose Mary Drive, $130,197.

— Louis Baldwin and Susan Baldwin to Jordan Stanhope, 25 N. Burns Ave., $62,000.

— George Henry Lee Carter Jr. to George Henry Lee Carter Jr., 16 and 24 Seventh St., guardianship.

— W Littrell Builder to Paul Andreotti and Kathleen L. Andreotti, 108 Bella Court, $270,000.

— John F. Penn and Ashley Penn to Luke Ritchie, 308 Newcastle Lane, $178,500.

— Jacob S. Watts to Tyler Adam Clouser, 8 Nelson Ave., $144,000.

— Dawn A. Bhatt to Brittanie Hix and Joshua Sanders, 332 Carolina Ave., $130,000.

— John A. Rose to Kelly A. Miller and Kevin D. Miller, 3960 Schollsville Road, $70,000.

— Michele Donofrio to Nicole Lee Marcum and Cameron Scott Marcum, 10 Lisle Lane, $170,000.

— Lynn C. Hanna and Pat Hanna to Kasey M. Louthan and John L. Louthan III, 4275 Athens Boonesboro Road, $204,000.