Property transfers for Oct. 5-10, 2020

Published 3:37 pm Thursday, October 15, 2020

The following property transfers were recorded in the Clark County Clerk’s office Oct. 5-10, 2020.

— Gary Arvin and Becki Arvin to Chaka Cummings and Bobbie Cummings, 17 Cardinal Lane, $205,000.

— Housit Realty Group to Alice F. Garrett, 166 Hilltop Drive, $175,000.

— Lakeview Loan Servicing to Ma Lorena Lopez Arellano, 106 Caudill Drive, $115,505.

— Bickers & Smith Inc. to Nicholas Elkins and Emily Elkins, 210 McClure Road, $43,500.

— Tracy L. Hopper Rayburn to Marguerite G. McKinney and Marvin R. Guerra Salazar, 6130 Van Meter Road, $168,000.

— Steven R. Reschke and Sheila Reschke to Jimmy Goodpaster and Connie Goodpaster, 119 Teakwood Court, $200,000.

— Mark Alan Suiter and Amy D. Suiter to Michael Lee Wattenberger Jr. and Stacey Frances Wattenberger, 120 Casa Landa Way, $435,000.

— Jason M. Allman and Misty Allman to Carol Clements, 122 Monet Blvd., $259,500.

— Brenton Abshire and Claire Abshire to Thelma S. Bryant, 129 Hibiscus Lane, $225,000.

— Roy Sewell and Rhonda Sewell to Kevin Sewell and Amanda Sewell, 12 Robyn Drive, $220,000.

— Ben Reed and Cynthia Reed to Diversified Property Group LLC, 60 Hiawatha Trail, $61,000.

— Adam Jeffrey Weger and Sydney R. Weger to John Robert Wilson and Sydney R. Wilson, 22 Apache Trail, $145,400.

— Cantrell Rental LLC to Laura Jane Bigstaff and Hunter L. Barrett, 935 Ecton Road, $50,000.

— Benjamin S. Amburgey and Joy L. Amburgey to Andrew Shearer and Leah Shearer, 303 Abbeywood Drive, $222,000.

— Wanda B. Hill, Wanda Hill and Wanda Underwood to Dakota T. Bowles and Sarah B. Neal, 610 Dixiana Drive, $125,000.

— Jerry Owen and Jane Owen to Deborah Stacy and Joseph Stacy, 405 College St., $110,000.

— Luvina Blakemore to Timothy A. Blakemore and Anthony C. Blakemore, 150 Miller Hunt Road, love and affection.

— Robert L. Napier and Sandra T. Napier to Brandon Wayne Wasson and Jessica Rae McClanahan, 2905 Iron Works Road, $300,000.

— Terry G. Welch and Sherry S. Welch to Collin Moore and Kasey Moore, 1185 Lafayette Blvd., $173,900.

— Anthony Picarazzi and Cheryl Picarazzi to Dwayne Green and Kari Rebecca Green, 106 Yucca Court, $208,900.

— David Duane Strimple and Lisa A. Strimple to Joshua Todd Thiry and Jacqueline Marie Thiry, 154 Hawthorne Drive, $378,400.

— Eric Pitts and Eileen Schnettler Pitts to Ace D. Webster, 308 Graves St., $125,000.

— Jimmy D. Goodpaster and Connie Goodpaster to Bridgett Howard, 541 Constitution Drive, $80,000.

— Joel Southall, Hannah Southall and Hannah Sowards to Edward Sims and Ruth Sims, 105 Hollyhock Court, $200,000.

— Dwayne Green and Kari Rebecca Green to Michele Marie Donofrio, 224 Forest Court, $127,000.

— Sparks Rentals LLC to Phillip J. Cranston, 370 E. Washington St., $63,000.

– Earl Clifford Harmon Jr. and Charlena Sue Harmon to David Christian Smith and Teresa J. Smith, 604 Sydney Court, $250,000.

— Charles W. Queen and Yvonne Queen to Charlton L. Queen, 710 Concord Ave., quit claim.

— Christie E. Caudill and Steven W. Caudill to Lorraine A. Houchin, 107 Brentwood Drive, $415,000.

— Jeana Jones Clevenger to J. Bruce Clevenger, 134 Hibiscus Lane, quit claim.

— J. Bruce Clevenger to Jeana Jones Clevenger, 730 Williamsburg Drive, quit claim.

— James L. Lambert, James Leonard Lambert, Gail H. Lambert and Mabins Gail Lambert to Otis Jeffrey Lambert and James D. Lambert, 509 Mallory Lane, love and affection.

— Chris Powers and MacKenzie Powers to Melinda S. Chapman, 101 Dorset Lane, $228,000.

— Larry O. Hall to Sharon Lee Miller, 115 Robyn Drive, $134,000.

— Bobby G. Goodpaster and Cindy R. Goodpaster to Patricia Johnson Ramsey, 43 Hillcrest Drive, $175,500.

— Jackie Dean Brinegar and Vickie Brinegar to James O. Brinegar and Sheila Brinegar, 2695 Trapp Goff’s Corner Road, love and affection.

— Deer Lawn Development LLC to Christopher Powers and MacKenzie Powers, 217 Ashton Oak Way, $38,900.