Property transfers for Oct. 19-24, 2020

The following property transfers were recorded in the Clark County Clerk’s office Oct. 19-24, 2020.

— Quicken Loans Inc., Kathleen M. Stewart, Yorktowne Mobile Estates Association Inc. and Community Trust Bank to BDM Investors Inc., 512 Estes Drive, $64,000.

— Lisa L. Hackman and Robert S. Hackman to Lisa A. Hackman and Robert S. Hackman, 23 Bonnie Brook Lane, will.

— William Berryman, George G. Berryman and Susan Berryman to Rufus P. Cravens Jr. and Shannon H. Cravens, 191 Agawam Road, $32,500.

— Kateland N. Mullins to Kateland N. Mullins and Matthew Becraft, 6776 Paris Road, quit claim.

— Kimberly Ann Powers and Scot Powers to Loquilla Hunt and Juanita Sosby Adams, 104 Bristol Place, $160,000.

— Stephen Michael Green, Timothy S. Reed, Robert Alan Reed, William Kevin Reed and Jody Reed to Robert Alan Reed as executor of Claude Reed estate, 3100, 3000, 2750, 2700, 2200 and 3050 Revilo Road, quit claim.

— Claude Reed estate to Gary W. Arvin and Becki L. Arvin, 3100, 3000, 2750, 2700, 2200 and 3050 Revilo Road, $235,000.

— Peng C. Hong and Pichty Ly to Pokham Kao, 334 Colby Ridge Blvd., $125,000.

— Albert L. Proffitt and Denise Sue Proffitt to Ross Wittenmyer, 2298 Irvine Road, $146,400.

— Terry Lee Benson and Connie Wells Benson to Scott Porter and Stephanie Porter, 618 Colby Ridge Blvd., $223,500.

— Danny L. Hollon estate, Shelia Bergquist as executrix, James Bergquist and Shelia Bergquist to Sharon Hollon, Gary Wayne Hollon, Jalia Hollon and Ran Gar Investments, 5915 Van Meter Road, $159,900.

— Mac and Cheese Holdings LLC to Linda G. Raines, 403 Pueblo Court, $170,400.

— Anthony Paynter to Cecil Caudill, 145 Riverbend Land, $6,000.

— James Kevin Littrell and Catherine J. Littrell to David L. McBride and Herminia A. McBride, 160 Strode Station Circle, $195,000.

— Scott A. Ogle and Lana Ruth Ogle to Anthony W. Martin and Jamie M. Martin, 102 Winterberry Circle, $337,000.

— Kim Shrout and Kimberly Gee to Ronald E. Shrout, 2075 Goshen Road, quit claim.

— Ryan Wayne Bennett to Scott A. Ogle and Lana Ruth Ogle, 603 Boone Ave., $215,000.

— Lauren Elizabeth Dawson to Lauren Elizabeth Dawson and Gregory J. Dawson, 222 W. Hickman St., gift.

— Ronald Wiggins and Patsy D. Wiggins to Joseph Patrick Wiggins and Christopher Gordon Webb, 705 Simba Court, quit claim.

— Wanda Flinchum to Carrie Ann Legros and Jeffrey Michael Johnson, 5223 Colby Road, $277,900.

— Angelo Moccia and Glenda Moccia to Thomas Sparks and Chasity Sparks, 513, 533 and 547 Ecton Road, $158,000.

— Ball Homes LLC to Wesley Browning Jett, 103 Gibson Way, $195,497.

— DG Winchester KY LLC to Klaus Peter Schreiber Trust Revocable Inter Vivos, 110 Kiddville Road, $1,302,325.