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AT THE LIBRARY: The Bright Spot Book Group and curbside service tips

At 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 10, using Zoom, The Bright Spot Book Group will discuss “If I Were You” by Lynn Austin, a remarkable novel of sisterhood and self-discovery set against the backdrop of World War II.

In the wake of the war, Audrey Clarkson leaves her manor house in England for a fresh start in America with her young son. 

As a widowed war bride, Audrey needs the support of her American in-laws, whom she has never met. 

But she arrives to find that her longtime friend, Eve Dawson, has been impersonating her for the past four years. 

Unraveling this deception will force Audrey and Eve’s secrets ― and the complicated history of their friendship ― to the surface.

This sweeping story transports readers to one of history’s most challenging eras and explores the deep, abiding power of faith and friendship.

“If I Were You” is available in ebook and audiobook formats through Hoopla. Access Hoopla on the library’s home page, www.clarkbooks.org. Click on the “Online Library” tab at the top of the page.

The “Help” link at the bottom of Hoopla’s homepage provides directions. For personal assistance, reference librarians are always ready to help. Call the library at 859-744-5661, and connect to line 2.

Sign up for The Bright Spot Book Group by clicking on the “Reference/Adult Services tab right next to the “Online Library.” Choose “Adult Programs” from the drop-down menu. That will access the Evanced Online calendar of Library programs. Click on the link for The Bright Spot Book Group, then the “View More” link and you’ll find the registration form. Fill that out for a Zoom invitation.

Or go to the library’s Facebook page, www.facebook.com/clarkbooks, click on “Events” and sign up using The Bright Spot link.

Always feel free to call or email the library with reference questions or material requests. 

During this pandemic, library staff is working diligently, daily to help patrons and guests get materials and answer reference questions. 

For your own convenience, call the library with requests for copies or fax service before coming to the Library with documents.

Requests for those services are on the rise, and a few days ago, the fax machine broke down one afternoon. If you call beforehand, we can let you know what your probable wait time will be and warn you about any technical difficulties.

No matter what kind of materials request you make, a librarian will call you as soon as it is ready.

That is also true with materials reserved online.

Items reserved online are gathered up as quickly as they come in. But please wait until a librarian calls to let you know the items are ready before coming to get them. During that call, you can set a pick-up time.

If you miss a call about reserved items, don’t worry. Reserved items are held for a week, just as they were before the pandemic.

Simply call the library back and set up a time to pick up your items. 

Please try not to come for the items before setting up a pick-up time and date. If you do, your items must be taken from the reserve shelves, checked out and bagged. All that is done before you arrive if you first set up a curbside service time and date.

Library staff want to make your curbside experience as quick and pleasurable as possible. 

All of us thank you for patience, consideration and encouragement during this difficult year. Clark County Public Library patrons are wonderful and we enjoy serving you.

The day I wrote this column, Clark County reached the “red” highest incidence rating for COVID-19 cases. For the sake of your family, your coworkers, and your friends, wear your mask, social distance and wash your hands.

Take care. We want to keep seeing you at the library.


John Maruskin is director of adult services at the Clark County Public Library. He can be reached at john.clarkbooks@gmail.com.