AT THE LIBRARY: Friendly, personal service always and Quiplash, too

The library is known for friendly, personal service. Every one of the staff love to help people find specific titles or recommend materials.

Need information? Clark County Public Library’s librarians are information specialists. Friendly, personal service is still offered at the library every day, even during this pandemic.

Every day patrons call in with requests for materials, local history information, requests for online documents, copy and fax services.

Sometimes, materials requests are specific. Many times, a caller has no specific title in mind, but knows generally what kind of materials they like.

Library staff is always ready and happy to recommend materials, gather them up and get them ready for curbside pickup or home delivery.

Never feel reticent about calling the library with general requests. Library staff fill orders for any kind of book, audiobook, DVD, magazine or music a person likes every day.

The other day, a staff member got a call from a patron who was in the library parking lot and wanted a couple David Baldacci Playaways to listen to while traveling. The patron didn’t have a specific title in mind and could not off-hand remember all the Baldacci titles he had read.

The library staff person got all the Baldacci Playaways off the shelf (and there are quite a number of them), read the titles one-by-one until they mentioned two the patron had not read. In another two minutes, the Playaways were checked out, bagged, put out the door, the patron picked them up and was on his way.

These same services are available for Youth Department books, too. Librarians often fulfill author, subject and series requests for youth titles. It is not at all unusual to have a patron call and request two Junie B. Jones titles, a couple of Dog Man graphic novels and three books about birds.

Whenever a librarian gets a general request, they always ask some questions to try to get the most suitable items.

The Youth Department offers picture book grab bags, too. Ten random picture books are selected by a librarian. Patrons can call and request them. Staff pick 10 good picture books and check them out to the patron’s account.

The Youth Department November craft kits are now available. They include materials and instructions for each craft.

Though patrons cannot come into the Library, CCPL’s Librarians will make sure you get services and materials you need.

Someone called last week and asked if they could have a library card because their usual library did not offer Hoopla. In a matter of minutes that person got a card, set up a PIN number and was able to use Hoopla.

During this pandemic, the library is making every effort it can to help people get services and materials they need.

Call the Library at 859-744-5661.

From 8 to 9 p.m. Thursday, join librarian Brad Allard for Quiplash, the gut-busting battle of wits and wittiness from Jackbox Games.

Each player gets a prompt such as “Something you would be surprised to see a donkey do” or “Another name for France.” There are no correct answers — just say whatever clever answer comes to mind.

Your answer will be pitted against that of another player who received the same prompt, and the rest of the players vote on which answer was their favorite. The answer with the most votes wins.

All you will need to play is a device for Zoom and a mobile device or tablet to answer the prompts. Up to eight people can play at a time. The winner of each round will receive a gift card to The Daily Grind.

Register to attend by going to the library’s Facebook page,, click on the “Events,” link and then the Link for the Nov. 12 session of Quiplash.

Thanks for using the library.

“Be careful out there.”

John Maruskin is director of adult services at the Clark County Public Library. He can be reached at