McCANN: A letter from Santa

Published 3:19 pm Monday, December 14, 2020

In the late 1960s, one of this columnist’s friends was Jack Pattie.

Today, Jack works at a Lexington radio station; in the 60s, he and I were in a play for Lexington Children’s Theatre.

During rehearsal breaks he would tell stories about Santa Claus, whose North Pole Inn he and his family often visited on spring vacations.

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Remembering that connection, I contacted Jack to see if he could ask Santa Claus to give him a letter that could be shared with our youngest readers.

Yesterday, we at The Winchester Sun were surprised when one of Santa’s elves dropped off this letter, which has not been edited.

Hello, boys and girls!

Santa here.

This year has been crazy. You’ve gone to school online, worn a mask and kept space between you and your friends. You have also helped your family stay safe at home.

It makes Santa very proud of each of you.

We have also lost friends and loved ones this year, and others have gotten very sick. That has made us feel sad.

On the bright side, there is a medicine called a vaccine, which is going to keep people from getting sick. It will be here soon and that’s a good thing.

Santa keeps hearing reports every day this year of people who have done really kind things for others. Santa is receiving letters from boys and girls, saying the only thing they want for Christmas this year is for everyone to be well. Other children say they want their moms and dads to get to go back to work.

You see, when you think of the needs of others before yourself, you bring light into the world. And light means hope. Like the little boy who found out there were people who did not have enough to eat, so he started a food drive to feed the hungry in his community. And the little girl who visited the lady who lived next door when she noticed it seemed she never had any visitors.

Santa is happy to report Christmas Spirit is alive and well in 2020. And with girls and boys like you, it will live forever! Merry Christmas!

Bill McCann is a playwright, poet, flash fiction writer and teacher who writes about arts events and personalities. He can be reached at