Christmas wishes 2020

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, even in a most difficult year. The Sun asked its readers on Facebook, “What was on your Christmas wish list this year?” Here are some of the answers.

• Shannon Griffith: For funsies, Starbucks cards, needlepoint supplies, exercise stuff. For reality, grocery shopping cards.

• Andrea Francway: Having all of my adult children home for Christmas. I have military servicemen and a college student who can’t come home for Christmas this year due to COVID restrictions

• Dan A Sams: Trump overturns the election and remains our President.

• Jenny Tipton: I want to see this world return to the Lord and bring in the true meaning of Christmas. May God bless American and keep his hands of protection upon us all.

• Martina Hensley: My husband and I raised two daughters in a one bathroom house. Every Christmas they come home for Christmas. They now both bring a husband and one brings my two granddaughters. That’s 8 people in a one bath house! Can you guess what I want?

• Erik Dustin Girdler: To magically find enough $ between now and Christmas to buy my kid that stupid robot dog he wants so badly

• Sarah King: My wish would be to have My daddy, he passed away in 2017 when I was 16.

• Garnett H. Davis: Getting to see smiles on everyone’s face instead of being covered with a mask. Eyes can smile but not like the whole face!

• Lorenia Vires: No more Rona, Back to normal life. That’s my wish.

• April Ross: To go back to normal and just to have all my family together

• Anika Byrd: Snow

• Dylan Webster: I wished 2020 to move on and bring us a better 2021.